Steve Liberati Uses Passion For Underprivileged Kids As Catalyst For PaleoKits Business

Filed under: Health — @ August 26, 2010

In Episode 393 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from “caveman” entrepreneur/philanthropist Steve Liberati, owner of Steve’s Original–makers of the high-quality, grass-fed, low-carb friendly PaleoKits. One thing you’ll notice about this man is how much of a heart of gold he has for helping kids who society has all but given up on. But not Steve. You can tell he has a love and passion for the children he comes into contact with acting as a father figure and mentor to them. Listen to Steve talk about how he discovered the Paleo diet and why he chose to eat that way, the positive impact Dr. Loren Cordain’s work had on him personally, why his desire to “feel good” was what originally led him to Paleo, how his exposure to inner city kids through his father’s job led him to create Steve’s Club to give these children a place to learn about fitness and nutrition, the “Paleo Challenge” weight loss contest he instituted with the kids, how the problem the children shared about the lack of healthy food options at school led to the creation of what would become the PaleoKits formulated by Steve’s wife, the quality of the real food ingredients that you can actually pronounce used in the PaleoKits, why the PaleoKits are a better product than most protein bars and shakes, why it’s important to eat the PaleoKits slowly, the soon-to-be-released “Just Jerky” product is perfect for people on low-carb diets, the real food, high-quality Paleo Krunch cereal products, his video recipe challenge to my listeners, his desire to spread the Steve’s Club concept nationwide to help underprivileged kids across America, and how all of the Steve’s Original employees come from the Steve’s Club kids to give them a positive reference to start their working careers.

Click here for quite an inspiring story from a man who truly understands the concept of putting others first and self last. Kudos to you, Steve Liberati!


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