‘Week Of Weight Loss Success 2′ Interview With Charles Cicciarella

Filed under: Health — @ September 1, 2010

In Episode 395 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we continue our very special “Week of Weight Loss Success 2″ that began yesterday with the inspiring story of Deryl Williams. Today we continue with the incredibly inspiring weight loss success stories by sharing with you the journey of a Canadian man named Charles Cicciarella who is the author of the upcoming book entitled Life Is A FAT ONION. Listen to Charles talk about what life was like before his weight loss, his fast food addiction which led to his obesity, how what he ate impacted him psychologically and physically, why losing weight quickly didn’t help him adjust mentally to his “new” self, how his life “crumbled” when he went through some difficult issues with close members of his family passing away, how his father motivated him to take better care of himself as he was on his deathbed, the renewed changes he made in his life following the death of his parents when he was able to finish his book, the story behind what the onion is all about in the title of the book, the meaning behind the acronym of FAT ONION, his odd view of fitness as a child and teenager, the inadequacy he felt as an adult in his career because of being bullied as a kid, how he transitioned his nutrition from vegetarian to low-carb, why he chooses to avoid red meat in his diet, the vegetable basics in his menus, the uplifting tattoo he put on his right arm, his appearance on LA Ink on TLC, why he refers to himself as “Chuckie” when thinking of who he was as an obese man, and what his dream for others is as they live their life.

Click here to allow the triumphant story of Charles Cicciarella give you the inspiration you need to overcome life’s struggles.


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