‘Week Of Weight Loss Success 2′ Interview With Caroline Jhingory

Filed under: Health — @ September 1, 2010

In Episode 396 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we keep going with our very special “Week of Weight Loss Success 2″ that has featured the inspiring weight loss success stories of Deryl Williams and Charles Cicciarella. As a former 273-pounder in a living “Hell” as a 5’2″ pre-adolescent child, Caroline Jhingory knows how difficult it can be living in a body you don’t feel comfortable in. But thanks to low-carb living, she was able to shed 123 pounds and get her life back! Listen to Caroline share what it was like being an obese middle-schooler, how her cousin’s low-carb weight loss motivated her to try it for herself, her own homemade “gumbo” low-carb plan that worked for her, her aversion to consuming high amounts of dietary fat, how she eats now compared to when she was losing weight, the lingering joint problems she deals with from years of being morbidly obese, why she created her web site to “pay it forward” to others, the joy she finds in helping people in their own weight and health goals, her response to people who think she was “disciplined” in her weight loss efforts, how she beat back the demons and negative naysayers that told her she was going to fail, how she beat back her “kryptonite” (pizza and cheesecake) foods, her sample low-carb menus, her exercise routine and why she considers it her “therapy,” how she’s fueling her workouts and weight training, how she has been able to “boost” her metabolism, and her encouragement to people who want to get started losing weight for good.


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