‘Week Of Weight Loss Success 2′ Interview With Traci Marshall

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One of the most exciting events in the world of low-carb over the past few years has been the annual low-carb cruise where so many of your fellow low-carbers have come together for some amazing times of learning, fun, and excitement! Listen to one of the Low-Carb Cruise Committee member Kim Eidson share about the roster of guest speakers who will be joining us May 1-6, 2011, the fun activities that are on board, where the low-carb cruise will be leaving out of and the three destination spots the ship will be docking at, the kid-friendly cruise line we are using for the cruise, and the brand new official web site at LowCarbCruiseInfo.com for more information and how to sign up. I hope you can join us for The 4th Annual Low-Carb Cruise coming up in May 2011. If you have any questions, check out the cruise Facebook page and forum and feel free to e-mail our Cruise Director Becky Gandy if you have any questions about this premier low-carb event of the year!

In Episode 397 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” the inspiring “Week of Weight Loss Success 2″ continues on adding to the stories we’ve already heard this week from Deryl Williams, Charles Cicciarella, and Caroline Jhingory. Today’s special guest is Traci Marshall who was featured on pages 11-13 in The New Atkins For A New You because of her 95-pound weight loss story. Listen to Traci share about her Atkins diet experience, how the Atkins web site helped her in her health efforts, how she’s adapted to low-carb living with low-carb friendly recipes, the improvements in her health since she started on Atkins, the reaction by her doctor to her weight loss and health success, the misconceptions that persist about what the Atkins diet is, the flexibility of the new Atkins book, how her children has adapted to low-carb living naturally, how her depression symptoms changed when she consumed a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet, the “miserable” and “trapped” feeling she felt after having a baby, the “side effect” health benefits she experienced eating low-carb, the independent studies that are coming out supporting low-carb living, why a vegetarian diet wouldn’t work for her, how the Atkins diet is the REAL “real food” diet, why she encourages people NOT to diet but to just start eating the foods allowed on the Atkins plan, her aspirations for writing a success story/recipe book because of the feedback she’s received from people, and the role moderate amounts of exercise played in her weight loss success.

Click here to quickly find out why Traci Marshall is quite the ambassador for the Atkins diet!


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