Take The ‘Real Food For Rookies’ Online Class From Kelly The Kitchen Kop

Filed under: Health — @ September 8, 2010

Real food is making a huge comeback in 2010 as more and more people are beginning to realize the quality of what is being labeled as “food” in their local grocery store is not even remotely close to resembling anything our grandparents would recognize as ways to nourish our bodies. Thanks to films like Food, Inc. and Fresh, people are now understanding where their food is coming from and they’re shocked by what they are learning about the ugly truth regarding the modern-day food supply. What is sorely needed now more than ever before is a way to reeducate the public about what real food is all about and I’m pleased to tell you about an upcoming 12-week online class designed to do just that!

Click here to learn more about Kelly The Kitchen Kop’s “Real Food For Rookies” online class.


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