Book Review: ‘Fat Then Fit Now’ By Dr. Joe Leonardi

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Anyone who has the tenacity and determination to personally will themselves to take off a significant amount of weight after being morbidly obese and decidedly unhealthy deserves a whole heap of respect and admiration in my book. I suppose it helps that I myself have personally experienced this kind of weight loss success and know all too well how much hard work goes into reaching that goal with a plan that worked for me. And if you happen to work as a health practitioner and accomplish this amazing weight loss feat, then what an opportunity you could have to make a major impact on both your patients and everyone who is exposed to your life-changing story! That’s precisely what has happened to and enthusiastic chiropractor named Dr. Joe Leonardi which motivated him to write an 86-page book about his incredible 130-pound weight loss success called Fat Then Fit Now: A Life Beyond Weight Loss.

Dr. Leonardi is an energetic man now, but he hasn’t always been that way. Once weighing in at a robust 340 “unhealthy, unfit pounds” as he describes it, today he’s a changed man. He shares how despite his love for weight lifting he allowed himself to get out of control nutritionally. And you won’t find any finger pointing in this book because Dr. Leonardi takes full responsibility for how he got to be so fat in his life. He describes this as the “secret” to making this happen for yourself. The power to bring about change is in YOUR hands and here’s how Joe puts it: “It is not difficult at all to lose weight; however, it takes discipline, desire and determination. You must make it happen. You must change your lifestyle.” If you think anybody else is gonna do it for you, then don’t bother getting Fat Then, Fit Now. But if you’re ready for some tough love that will earnestly help you transform your life without all the “long-winded, over complicated, medical jargon,” then this is INDEED the book for you!

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