Top 10 Must-Read Health Books September 2010: #8 ‘Real Food Real Easy’ By George Stella

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From the time he burst on the scene as the host of his very own cooking show on The Food Network called “Low Carb and Lovin’ It,” George Stella was a bona fide superstar as an amazing triple-digit weight loss success story and simply amazing cook with a heart for sharing healthy low-carb recipes to an audience hungry for delicious and nutritious options for their low-carb lifestyle. Unfortunately, The Food Network fell prey to the media-contrived notion that livin’ la vida low-carb was just a fad that had become a thing of the past and let Stella go from his popular show which performed well in their ratings. I caught up with him in November 2009 by having him on my podcast show for an interview where he detailed what life has been like for him ever since, including his new cooking show on QVC as well as new book projects under the moniker “The Good Carb Chef.” His first offering in this series is called Real Food Real Easy: 120 Recipes Made Fast With Only A Handful Of Simple, Fresh Ingredients.

‘m pleased to see Stella focusing on real food with this book because the low-carb lifestyle has gotten a bum rap from the massive influx of inferior “products” that do not contain real food in them whatsoever. Anyone who has ever seen George Stella cook or read any of his books knows that this is the heartbeat of everything he does. Put the focus on fresh, real whole food ingredients removing all the white flour and sugar and what you’ll end up with on your plate is a healthy way to nourish your body. Stella knows this personally as he shares the incredible story of how his family literally transformed their lives through low-carb weight loss success. He’s unashamed in naming Dr. Atkins as his greatest influence in helping them shed the pounds. But in his desire to find acceptable low-carb alternatives to the foods he loved, he created what he calls Stella Style which features many of the great recipes we have come to expect from the Stella-meister! You’ll get a ton of brand new ones from the master himself in this new book.

Click here to read the rest of my review of George Stella’s latest book Real Food Real Easy.


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