Whole Foods Creates New ‘Healthy Eating Specialist’ Position To Promote The Vegetarian Agenda

Filed under: Business,Health — @ September 24, 2010

Whole Foods CEO John Mackay must not be content with leaving well enough alone. His deliberate push of the vegetarian agenda on his customer base which I first shared about with you in February 2010 is now being taken to the next level with the creation of a brand new in-store position called the “Healthy Eating Specialist” whose job will be to push vegetarianism on any customers who asks questions about healthy eating.

I received some exclusive information from a source inside Whole Foods this week about their grand plans to expand their “Health Starts Here” initiative in each of the 289 stores by hiring someone to fill this position complete with an in-store kiosk/desk to be there to answer questions from customers about health and healthy eating. Right now this “Healthy Eating Specialist” position is being test-marketed in a few stores before it goes nationwide in 2011. In addition to manning this resource center in their local Whole Foods store, the employee will also be giving lectures on health and nutrition in the local community. It’s quite an opportunity for people who enjoy working with the public and are passionate about health.

My source attempted to apply for this position at his local Whole Foods store when he heard about it and quickly realized there were some “sticky details” which he found to be “really absurd” that led him to decline the job. Click here to see what the four issues he found in the requirements for this position that greatly concerned my source who supports carbohydrate-restriction for healthy nutrition.


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