Denise Minger Takes On Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s ‘China Study’

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In Episode 405 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” I couldn’t wait until 2011 to share my conversation with Denise Minger from the “Raw Food SOS” blog. She’s made quite the name for herself over the past few months when she began writing a series of posts devoted to pointing out the inaccuracies in the conclusions drawn by Dr. T. Colin Campbell in his book The China Study. Almost immediately, the vegan/vegetarian community began railing against her while the non-vegan/vegetarian blogosphere started rallying around Denise and encouraging her to continue to share the fascinating details she uncovered during her examination of the original data from the study. What she quickly realized was the facts didn’t even come close to resembling the conclusions that were made by Dr. Campbell and she just had to write about it. That’s why I just had to get Denise on my podcast to tell us more about herself.

Listen to Denise Minger share her story about why she stopped eating meat at the age of 7, the sickness she experienced when she turned 11 and the discovery by a naturopath of an extreme sensitivity to dairy and soy, the role The Weston A. Price Foundation played in her reeducation about healthy nutrition, why she became a raw vegan and the “nightmare” that it became in her life, how reintroducing animal products into her diet helped her health, the “cult” mentality of the vegan movement, why she created her “Raw Food SOS” blog in January 2010, what her family thought about her enthusiasm for vegetarian life as a child, what led her to want to start speaking out on her blog about the flaws in The China Study, how Chris Masterjohn’s review of the book inspired her to begin research of her own, how she got her hands on the 800 pages of the original China study data, her numbers-crunching comparison of the study with what Dr. Campbell wrote, how Dr. Campbell “obscured” the data related to animal products masquerading it as science, the difference between the studies cited by Gary Taubes in Good Calories Bad Calories and Dr. Campbell in The China Study, the Amazon thread that Dr. Campbell chimed in on, how Richard Nikoley from “Free The Animal” started a viral whisper campaign that led to an explosion in traffic at her blog, the extremely misguided conclusions drawn by Dr. Campbell about rat research of the milk protein casein, the strange method Dr. Campbell used for linking animal products to diseases from the original study data, the “upside-down” approach Dr. Campbell uses with epidemiology, the direct e-mail response she received from Dr. Campbell himself, the closing of the comments at Dr. Campbell’s response column, why it is difficult to have a conversation with Dr. Campbell, the response she’s received from the vegan community to her columns about The China Study, and whether she’s read Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth, what she eats in her diet nowadays, and whether a book about her rebuttal of The China Study will be forthcoming.

Click here to listen to this interview with Denise Minger you asked for and I hope it’s everything you hoped it would be!


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