Top 10 Must-Read Health Books September 2010: #7 ‘Waist Disposal’ By Dr. John Briffa

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Weight loss is big business these days with everybody and their momma sharing all the so-called “secrets” to permanently shedding the pounds to get their bodies into the best shape of their life. Unfortunately, much of the information that is put out there by what I’m sure are well-meaning authors and experts merely confuses the very people it seeks to help because it all seems to be full of extremely contradictory messages. Carbs are bad…no wait, now they’re good! Fat is bad for your heart…oops, now it’s not such a big deal. Exercise more to lose weight…well, maybe exercise isn’t so good for weight loss after all. Aaaaaaaaack! Will somebody please make it all stop?! The fact is we live in a day and age where knowledge is king and I believe that’s made us too smart for our own good. Obesity, especially around the tummy area, and chronic disease are still running rampant despite all of this with no end in sight to the skyrocketing rates. And men especially are dealing with runaway rates of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and worse as their bellies continue to grow larger and larger each year. As hard-headed as us males can be, all we want is straight-shooting guidance and direction found in a proven, effective plan that will produce results and can be methodically implemented into our daily lives. That’s where a leading UK physician named Dr. John Briffa comes in with his own unique philosophy for bringing about weight loss success that has already worked in literally thousands of his patients over the years. The basic guidelines that have worked for his male patients especially are now outlined in his latest book entitled Waist Disposal: The Ultimate Fat Loss Manual for Men.

Dr. Briffa is a rare breed of physician who chooses to look at the nutritional and natural-healing remedies to solving the health issues of his patients first and foremost while the conventional wisdom being taught in medical schools around the world is to prescribe a pill for this, that and everything in between. It’s refreshing to see this approach being used and promoted by a highly-respected doctor and I do believe this is the future trend of the most effective medical professionals. The ones who desire to move more in this direction really should pick up a copy of Waist Disposal and devour it from cover to cover because Dr. Briffa does an outstanding job of correcting much of the blatant misinformation and outright lies they’ve been both taught and passed on to patients for many years. From the folly of calorie counting to the unnatural fear of dietary fat, it’s all laid out in 11 key principles that comprise the various chapters in the book. But this book isn’t written in a stuffy style just for physicians–it’s aimed at reaching the patient as well. Dr. Briffa is a very talented and engaging writer as a regularly contributor to various newspapers and magazines, including serving as the Observer Food Monthly feature columnist.


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