Josh Trent Is A ‘Wellness Force’ To Be Reckoned With

Filed under: Health — @ September 30, 2010

In Episode 406 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are happy to share my chat with Josh Trent from “Wellness Force” to talk about his unique story about how he got so interested in health and nutrition after experiencing changes for himself. He’s quite an enthusiastic champion for living a lifestyle devoted to proper diet and fitness. Listen to Josh discuss how he went from being an athlete in high school to experiencing weight and health problems shortly after he graduated, why he quit his job and moved to Hawaii to get back into shape, what led him to becoming a personal trainer, how he ate a “death” low-carb plan to shed the pounds because it was what worked for him, why failing at weight loss is a necessary ingredient in being ultimately successful, the sample menus of what he ate during his weight loss, the biochemical “thumbprint” that each of us has that determines what nutritional plan is best for the individual, discovering the “balance” that was necessary for him, whether he was concerned about consuming dietary fat from sources like coconut oil, the plethora of scientific research in support of low-carb diets, the organizations out there promoting negative images about healthy low-carb living, the exercise strategy he uses with his clients especially for people with adrenal fatigue, how he trains for people who want to run a marathon and why most people go overboard on “carb-loading,” how the sweat rate doesn’t mean you’re exerting more, why getting the right kind of “more” exercise as you progress, his thoughts on the super-slow weight lifting concept, his reaction to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines that are forthcoming, his infamous McDonald’s “pull-ups” YouTube video, the devious marketing that McDonald’s implores to pump their products, if eating organic an important element in health, why a “caveman diet” tends to be better than anything else, why overeating on a real whole food is not as bad as eating too much junk food, the unmistakable brain/mental connection to weight loss, whether sugar is really killing us, why agave is not a health food, the reason genetically-modified organisms were created and the unintended consequences of GMO foods, the negative implications of known neurotoxins like artificial sweeteners, why the obsession over calories is futile and how counting calories can be detrimental, the stressors that are raising cortisol levels, and some parting encouragement for my listeners!

Click here to listen to Josh Trent who is a really awesome guy with a lot of good things to say about living healthy.


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