Serbian English Language Student Sasa Lazic Presents Lecture Shunning Carbs, Embracing Fat For Health

Filed under: Health — @ September 30, 2010

Last month I shared with you a student presentation by one of my enthusiastic blog readers named Holly Johnson from the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Livin’ la vida low-carb has changed her life so much that she just had to do a presentation for her public speaking class sharing with her fellow students the virtues of high-fat, low-carb living. Well, it’s happened again and this time around we head clear across the world to Niš, Serbia to meet up with a 23-year old English Language and Literature student there named Sasa Lazic.

Sasa has long been interested in the subject of human nutrition and it became especially important to him when he got up to 220 pound on his small-framed body. This motivated him to do something about it and so he did what virtually everyone these days does to learn more about the best way to lose weight–he Googled it! Inevitably, what Sasa found was a whole lot of information about low-fat diets where he “fell victim” to the conventional wisdom regarding nutritional health. Although he did lose weight eating a low-fat diet for a period of time, as soon as he started eating “normally” again (including 200 grams of bread at every meal which is a custom in Serbia) the weight came pouring back on again. It’s a scenario that many people desiring weight loss have found themselves in but Sasa wasn’t giving up hope that there was a way of eating out there that could work for him and keep him satisfied without feeling deprived so he could make it a permanent lifestyle change. He eventually found his saving grace in the healthy low-carb lifestyle.

Click here to read more about how Sasa Lazik’s low-carb education led him to share an incredible written and oral presentation with his fellow students and teachers on the health benefits of a controlled-carb, high-fat diet.


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