Michael Ruscio Uses Paleo/Low-Carb Nutrition For A Rounded Healthcare Experience

Filed under: Health — @ October 5, 2010

In Episode 407 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we share my interview with Michael Ruscio from Integrative Healthcare Center who talks about all the elements it takes to be healthy. Listen to Michael share about how he started as a nutrition and fitness consultant and became frustrated seeing some people not find weight loss or health success, his transition to functional medicine to help people get past the challenges they face with their health, defining what functional medicine is and why it’s so important, why he moved away from training clients to focusing on integrative healthcare, what roadblocks some people face when they are trying to improve their weight and health, the use of heavy metals in jet fuel, how doctors respond to his lectures on nutrition, how he tries to get to the root of health problems rather than treating the symptoms, how much time he spends with each patient and the difference between what he does compared with traditional care, the specific lab work he runs to assess his patients, why he sees less and less concerns with lipids than before, his enthusiastic support for the Paleo diet, why eating meat and veggies every few hours most of the time is so essential for success, how he discovered the Paleo/low-carb nutritional approach, why counting calories is utterly ridiculous when you’re eating low-carb, why high-carb, low-calorie diets eats into muscle mass, the hormonal element to obesity and disease, how he’s trying to “bridge the gap between the doctor’s office and the gym,” how I found him on his YouTube video channel and the subjects he shares about on there, the Ape To Man and Walking With Caveman documentaries he recommends for people wanting to know about our prehistoric ancestors to see how we should be eating today, the influence Dr. Loren Cordain and The Weston A. Price Foundation has had on him, why high-carb diets are out for stabilizing blood sugar levels, and the intriguing story of “Lucy.”

Click here to listen to my conversation with Michael Ruscio.


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