Dr. John Briffa: Eating ‘A Bit Paleo’ Low-Carb Is Necessary For Optimal Health

Filed under: Health — @ October 8, 2010

In Episode 408 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back to the podcast a UK-based physician and low-carb enthusiast Dr. John Briffa to discuss the details of his new book Waist Disposal: The Ultimate Fat Loss Manual For Men. Dr. Briffa was previously on this podcast in 2009 and his writings are frequently featured in British publications like The Observer where he is a regular contributor. He is certainly one of the leading voices on behalf of carbohydrate-restricted diets for health and weight loss not just in the UK but in the world today and I’m pleased to share with you my conversation with Dr. Briffa today.

Listen to Dr. John Briffa discuss why he became a champion for helping people live healthy lifestyles through nutrition after dealing with some personal health issues himself just after graduating from medical school, how he got rid of his eczema within a week and improved his energy levels and weight in short order eating a low-carb diet, why he created his blog and what purpose he hopes it serves to the people who visit it, what the motivation of most health information these days is (and it’s not about improving health), his thoughts on the lack of science in the forthcoming USDA 2010 Dietary Guidelines, the shift away from traditional mainstream sources of health and nutrition to the alternative places (the Internet especially) for information about the “truth,” whether his new weight loss book about “men” is good for females too, why he thinks men tend to be “disenfranchised” by the diet industry, why most men have an easier time with weight loss than women, what he thinks about the low-carb book for men called The TNT Diet by Dr. Jeff Volek and Adam Campbell, why “low-carb” needs to be a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb nutritional approach, why eating primal (what he describes as “a bit Paleo”) is necessary for optimal health, why body composition is much more important than BMI or body weight, whether there’s an ideal body composition to aim for, why we can’t all have six-pack abs or like the men on the front cover of Men’s Health, why the quality of the calories plays a greater role than the quantity, how increasing exercise merely makes you want to eat more, why increasing carbohydrate consumption is a disaster for fat loss, why eating fat makes you fat is a “gross oversimplification,” why steak can be considered a health food, why protein is the key in fat loss because of its satiating properties, why vegetables may not be as important in your diet as you might think, how keeping hunger at bay between meals is a key element in losing weight, why nuts are a great low-carb snack and not fattening, why meat is a healthy “superfood” that people should be eating, why hydration is an important part of fat loss and well-being, the importance of having a positive mental attitude in life, how Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint influenced the writing of his own book, and the international distribution of his book.

Click here to listen to all the good things Dr. John Briffa has to say about healthy low-carb living.


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