Reader E-mail: How Come So Many Low-Carb Leaders Are Still Overweight?

Filed under: Health — @ October 12, 2010

If there’s one thing I hope you can always count on from me when you read my blog, it’s this: I’m never one to shy away from the topics that matter the most when it comes to weight loss and health–even if that means diving into subjects that are less than desirable for someone putting himself out there as an example of what low-carb living is all about. My sincerest desire is to be as open and honest with you my readers even if it doesn’t necessarily put me in the best light so that we can all learn from our shared experiences about this lifestyle change. These are things that go much deeper than what any one person is going through while eating low-carb and could actually help shed some light on problems that many of you might be going through as well.

Today I’ve got a really juicy one for you to ponder that’s probably gonna ruffle a few feathers of people who’d rather I never even broach this subject. That’s okay because I think this is precisely the kind of thing that is most important to get out there in the open, have meaningful discussions about publicly, and dispel some of the rumors that tend to creep into the culture about healthy low-carb living. Yes, I realize this is quite controversial but it is something I’ve been meaning to address for a very long time and now seems to be the appointed moment. A recent e-mail from one of my faithful readers rekindled the subject in my mind and I’d like to share it with you as a starting point in looking at this more closely. You can tell it pained her to write this to me and I was very grateful for the tact she used in approaching me with this. Here’s the e-mail she wrote about her observations of low-carb leaders and her concerns about their weight:

Hey Jimmy,

Okay, I have to ask this because you are the only person I could think of that would hopefully understand and not take offense…I always listen to your podcast show and love it…so I am fan…saying that…I have often wondered when looking into the “low carb world,” aside from movie stars, why are there not skinnier low carb representatives? If it really works, why do most of the blog sites, authors and speakers seem to be on the heavier side? Is it due to insulin problems that have ruined the metabolism, lack of exercise, not adhering to the diet? I understand the health benefits, but was confused by this. I know this probably sounds super offensive and that’s not how I meant it. Shamefully, a lot of us choose diets depending on how the representative looks, not always feels, sad but true. But why not feel great AND look great?

Click here to read my response to this important question about the people representing low-carb living.


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