Review: ‘Fat And Cholesterol Are Good For You’ by Uffe Ravnskov

Filed under: Books,Review — @ October 19, 2010

We’ve always heard seemingly since the beginning of time that dietary fat and cholesterol are some of the most unhealthy substances we could possibly put inside of our bodies. After all, eating fat and cholesterol is what makes us fat, clogs our arteries leading to heart attacks and stroke, and is simply asking for trouble that could result in a premature death. With the possibility of any of this being true, people have dutifully shunned foods like butter, fatty meats and cheeses, egg, heavy cream, and more in favor of so-called “healthy” substitutes like margarine, tofu, fat-free cheeses, egg whites, and skim milk. What has that gotten us? MORE obesity, MORE heart disease, and even the premature death of people like my brother Kevin at the age of 41 who did everything “right” by ditching the fat and cholesterol. But what if all of the “experts” who have been force-feeding these negative messages about fat and cholesterol were dead wrong? What if instead of being bad for you these things are actually in all honesty GOOD for you? This may sound preposterous in a heavily lipophobic society, but that’s the exact premise of Dr. Uffe Ravnskov’s outstanding book entitled Fat And Cholesterol Are Good For You.


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