Paleo Blogger And Advocate Melissa McEwen From ‘Hunt.Gather.Love.’

Filed under: Health — @ October 25, 2010

In Episode 413 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from Paleo blogger and advocate Melissa McEwen from the “Hunt.Gather.Love.” blog who is part of the Paleo in NYC movement led by John Durant. Listen to her talk about how she grew up as a “sickly kid” who grew into an unhealthy adult, how the doctors continued to push more and more pharmaceutical drugs on her, her diagnosis with chronic salmonella that forced her to go on strong antibiotics, how she came across Art DeVany’s work on Paleo eating, the amazing results she was finding on this new way of eating that helped her get rid of the medicines, her poor eating habits prior to finding Paleo, how she tried to eat the “right” way consuming low-fat, soy-based foods (with no positive results), her other Paleo/low-carb diet influences, her frustration with the lack of long-term research on Paleo/low-carb nutrition, why hunting is such a lost art in modern society, how she can hunt living in New York City, why gathering plants and consuming them in your diet is so important, the bartering she did with local farmers to obtain grass-fed meats despite lacking the financial means, what her Paleo diet looks like, the pork CSA she is affiliated with and how it supplements her menus, the impact of Paleo eating on her weight, why Paleo/low-carb/high-fat nutritional approach isn’t chosen by more people as their preferred way to eat, why she loves coconut fat, how unique she is being a woman talking about Paleo, why women are suckered into going vegetarian, how yogurt and granola bars are heavily marketed to women as “healthy” when they add tons of sugar, why women need to be eating steak, why she is involved in the “Eating Paleo in NYC” Meetup Group, her disappointment in the New York Times column portraying Paleo as a “macho” diet, why “love” is so essential in the them of her blog, the best books that she’s read over the past few years, and why restricting fat on a Paleo diet is not a good idea.


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