RN/CDE To Gary Taubes: Doesn’t Dietary Fat Raise Blood Sugar And Insulin Levels Too?

Filed under: Health — @ October 26, 2010

The people who read “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” are some of the most educated, informed, and thought-provoking people in the world of health. From laypeople to doctors, dietitians to nurses, the level of expertise and experience on everything related to diet, health, fitness and nutrition is as vast and deep as the ocean. As a simple layperson who has educated himself about these things since 2004, I am constantly amazed by the insightfulness of the people who read my blog, listen to my podcast and engage in the debate of ideas about what healthy living is. Every day is a new classroom experience for me as new information is made public and greater learning and understanding commences. Many times this happens whenever I receive an e-mail like one that was recently submitted to me by a registered nurse/certified diabetes educator about something she read and heard from Gary Taubes.

The bestselling author of the game-changing health blockbuster in 2007 called Good Calories Bad Calories recently came back on my podcast for an interview about his upcoming December 2010 release of Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It. This was what precipitated the feedback from the RN/CDE regarding her concerns about a phenomenon known as “the pizza effect” where blood sugar levels soar abnormally after eating certain foods. She was concerned that Taubes was erroneously putting the onus of high blood sugar and insulin levels on carbohydrate consumption when dietary fat could also be playing a role in this happening.

Click here to read what she wrote along with the response from Gary Taubes.


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