Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum Helps You Conquer Your Type Of Sugar Addiction; Attorney John Tiedt Shares Behind-The-Scenes Details Of The Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit

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In Episode 416 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have a doubleheader podcast for you today with back-to-back episodes. First up is Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum who has authored a book entitled Beat Sugar Addiction Now!: The Cutting-Edge Program That Cures Your Type of Sugar Addiction and Puts You on the Road to Feeling Great – and Losing Weight! If you’ve ever struggled with overcoming your love affair with sugar, then Dr. Teitelbaum offers up suggestions for how to beat down the “yeasty beasties.”

Listen to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum talk about how his own diagnosis piqued his interest in chronic fatigue syndrome and later on fibromyalgia, why doctors don’t know much about non-pharmaceutical treatments to disease, the free computerized doctor model he uses to help patients who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, his “Cures: A to Z” iPhone app with over 1 million downloads, the future of holistic medicine in the mainstream, why sugar and white flour are so addicting, identifying the four types of sugar addiction, an explanation of the SHINE protocol, how sleep deprivation can impact sugar cravings, why 1/3 of Americans are chronically fatigued, why a big glass of water can help boost your energy, why he doesn’t take money from any nutritional company, how to deal with the “irritable when hungry” sugar addicts and stress eaters, the growing prevalence of yeast overgrowth (aka candida), why yeast feeds on sugar and sends out strong cravings, how to handle sugar addiction that happens in older men and women with decreasing hormone levels, whether there are multiple sugar addiction types, the various health issues that are associated with sugar, the “sugar orgy” that happens at nutritionist conferences, what the acceptable sugar alternatives are, why farmers know how to fatten up cattle (and it’s the same thing fattening up humans), how thyroid issues (especially ones that come back “normal” on blood tests) negatively impact your health, and the unexpected health improvements that happen when you cut out the sugar. If you’ve struggled with sugar addiction, then you owe it to yourself to check out the work of Dr. T!

In the special second interview in today’s episode we have attorney John Tiedt who represented the plaintiff’s in the Kimkins class action case against Heidi Diaz. I wrote about the judgment that was handed down against Diaz earlier this week and now in this exclusive interview Tiedt shares what it was like dealing with this case. Listen to John Tiedt talk about what made him became a consumer advocate for fraudulent health products for the past decade, his appointment to the California Health Fraud Task Force, how he got involved in the Kimkins lawsuit beginning in September 2007, the unprecedented nature of how this case came about freezing her assets during the trial, the Woman’s World back story about how they ran the story on Kimkins without doing their journalistic due diligence, how the trial exposed Diaz as a fraud with no medical or nutritional background, the refusal of Woman’s World magazine to retract their story in their print magazine or to inform their readers about the class action lawsuit, how to determine if what you read in a magazine is credible or not, the specifics of what Heidi Diaz did to warrant a class action lawsuit against her, the egregious lies and fake photos she used to promote the Kimkins diet fraudulently, the financial windfall that happened after the Woman’s World front cover story ran, Diaz’ dangerous promotion of laxatives for weight loss, why Diaz was allegedly afraid to have a doctor endorse her diet, the bravery of the plaintiffs who testified in the case, the court’s finding that Heidi Diaz was dishonest and a liar, the consequences of her fraudulent business practices including restitution of $1.8 million, another $500,000 in punitive charges (not dischargeable in bankrupty), attorney’s fees, the injunctive relief that will force Diaz that she lied about her weight loss, photographs of herself, testimonials of the Kimkins diet, the before and after photos of those testimonials, and a warning about the dangers of low-calorie diets, the unprecedented permanent junction against Diaz preventing her from harassing any of the plaintiffs and witnesses in the case against her, whether there is a way to access any of her hidden assets, the possibility that Diaz could be found in contempt of court and face jail time for failure to comply with the judge’s ruling, how Diaz never lost any weight as she still weighs over 300 pounds, the kind of people she preyed on with her diet plan, the key things to be on the lookout for when looking for a legitimate diet program, how former Kimkins members can get in on the class action settlement (from the class period June 1, 2006-October 15, 2007), and whether criminal action against Heidi Diaz will ever happen. For anyone who’s been following this story over the past few years, justice has now been served and we have John Tiedt and the plaintiffs to thank for all of their efforts in exposing this diet fraud.


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