Bestselling Low-Carb Cookbook Author Jennifer Eloff From ‘Splendid Low-Carbing’

Filed under: Podcast — @ November 9, 2010

In Episode 417 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome Jennifer Eloff from the “Splendid Low-Carbing” blog who has penned a series of low-carb cookbooks using Splenda as the sweetener, including the bestselling Splendid Low-Carbing: A Complete Guide For Low-Carb Living. You’re gonna love Jennifer because she is such a delightful part of the low-carb community and we’re very appreciative of all that she has done to spread the low-carb message around the world. Listen to Jennifer talk about her journey to South Africa that is reminiscent of “Pandora” like in the movie Avatar, her former love for sugary desserts and beverages until her husband developed reactive hypoglycemia, how she found Splenda while living in Canada where it was released eight years prior to approval in the United States and felt inspired to write a cookbook using it in recipes, how she neglected to remove the white flour from her original cookbooks when she was following the nutritional guidelines in Canada and got the approval of the Splenda company (they dropped their endorsement when she switched to low-carb), how the Atkins diet changed her philosophy on diet and health, the bestselling success of her Splendid Low-Carbing book, the details about her new book coming in 2011, her son’s book detailing the story of her family, why she chooses to use Splenda in her recipes when there’s controversy about it as a sweetener, why there has been scaremongering about Splenda ever since it was approved as a sweetener in the U.S., why manufacturers use maltodextrin as a bulking agent and why low-carbers need to be careful about consuming it, how combining sucralose with erythritol mimics the taste of sugar, what she thinks about using stevia and the problems she has with it (Type 1 diabetics can get hypoglycemia using it), what her ultimate contribution to the low-carb community is, and the bake mixes she enjoys using in her recipes.


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