Overweight Weight Loss Doctor Wonders Why She Can’t Lose Weight

Filed under: Health — @ November 10, 2010

Controversy ensued early last year when President Barack Obama appointed Dr. Regina M. Benjamin to serve as the nation’s 18th surgeon general. It’s a highly prestigious position for any respected physician because you are looked at as America’s top doctor (sorry Dr. Oz, it ain’t you!). The U.S. Surgeon General sets the tone for public health policy and becomes the face for those decisions–and therein was the problem for the 52-year old Dr. Benjamin. As you can see from the photo posted to the left, she is overweight. The argument from the skeptics of this nomination stated that she was unqualified to hold the position of surgeon general because of her weight since we are currently facing an obesity epidemic and we need an example for Americans to follow. But with grace and honor, Dr. Benjamin dismissed what she described as “hurtful” criticisms stating that although she weighs more than she’d like, being fit and healthy is “more than just a dress size.” She added that because of her own struggles she is able to understand the plight of what upwards of two-thirds of Americans are dealing with. I can certainly relate to this as I’ve written about quite often as an encouragement to others who are trying to get a handle on their weight. The good news is that livin’ la vida low-carb has indeed made me healthy by all measurable metabolic markers despite the extra pounds. That’s the solace I find in my chosen diet plan.

One of my readers who is a medical professional specializing in obesity wrote to me recently sharing quite openly of her frustration and struggle to shed the pounds. Although she helps literally thousands of patients find their path to weight loss success, she’s been unable to make it happen for herself. She poured her heart and soul out looking for answers to her weight problem after literally exhausting everything she knows to make it happen for herself. Like Dr. Benjamin and myself, she’s looking for the answers to why she’s dealing with extra pounds despite seeming to do everything correctly.

Click here to read what she wrote along with my analysis of what may be hindering her weight loss progress.


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