‘Ageless Fitness’ Creators Michelle Gaulin And Jack Taylor Competitive Bodybuilding In Their 50s

Filed under: Podcast — @ December 6, 2010

In Episode 422 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from Canadians Michelle Gaulin and Jack Taylor from Ageless Fitness and Health who well into their 50s have become competitive world-class natural bodybuilders.

One of my listeners told me about this incredible couple and what a story they have to tell! Listen to them talk about how they got started in fitness, Michelle’s interest in bodybuilding after seeing a professional bodybuilder in a magazine, her first physique competition experience, her surprise that she’s continued this into her 50s, Jack’s introduction to weights at the age of 16 and then into competition, his determination to do bodybuilding naturally without the use of steroids, his disappointment in the steroid culture that seems to be accepted in the bodybuilding industry, his passion for the younger generation and Michelle’s role working with older people, why most of fitness and health comes down to nutrition, the body-typing diet plan that they advocate leaning towards a Paleo/low-carb approach, why they prefer not to call the eating plan a “diet,” the insanity of carb-loading for bodybuilding, why doing hours of cardio is futile for weight loss and is “defeating what you’re trying to accomplish,” what “Ageless” means in their business, why most people are “living short and dying long,” what role cardio exercise plays in fitness, why Jack is no fan of a spin class, why it’s ideal to do a 55% cardio “conversation-paced cardio” exercise routine for optimal fat-burning, and what their thoughts are about the super-slow lifting movement for strength training.


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