An All-Potato Diet For 60 Days? Ask Chris Voigt What That Feels Like!

Filed under: Podcast — @ December 10, 2010

In Episode 425 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we finish off this special “Extreme Diet Week” featuring a couple of people who have gone on some rather unusual eating experiments. On Monday we heard from “The Twinkie Diet” guy Dr. Mark Haub about how he lost weight and improved his health eating primarily a calorie-restricted junk food diet. If you missed that one, then be sure you go back and check it out. Today we have Chris Voigt, the executive director from the Washington State Potato Commission, who put himself on an interesting self-experiment–consume 20-potatoes-a-day for 60 days in a row! He’s written about his experience on the “20 Potatoes A Day” web site.

Listen to Chris Voigt talk about what the purpose of the Washington State Potato Commission is, the German roots that got him interested in having a career focused on agriculture, why he thinks the potato gets such a bad rap, his response to the notion that potatoes turn to sugar in the body, why he chose to eat 20-potatoes-a-day, his struggle to consume up to 20 potatoes daily when he first started, the concerns his doctor shared about this potato-only diet, why he is not encouraging people to do his potato diet, how he was never hungry eating his potato diet, whether he had any weight or health issues prior to beginning this experiment, why he thinks calories are king, what the USDA did to precipitate him to do this experiment, whether he thinks everyone could do well eating a potato-only diet for a period of time, whether he did this through the Thanksgiving holiday (check out his “Po-turkey” meal), the improvements he saw in his lipid panel, especially his triglycerides, whether he tested his blood sugar during the potato diet, his response to the critics who say there are anti-nutrients in the skin of potatoes, what his diet looked like prior to beginning his potato diet, the exercise activity he did during his potato diet, and the mental struggle eating just potatoes.


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