Does Insulin Deserve A Bad Reputation?

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Insulin is a dirty word for most people who are on a low carb diet because so many of us believe it is the major hormone responsible for making us fat, sick, and old. I’ve literally interviewed and spoken with hundreds of people who have pointed the finger of blame at excessive insulin production being one of the leading causes of obesity, disease, and aging. The theory goes a little something like this: excessive carbohydrate consumption leads to higher insulin levels which in turn begins a devastating domino effect on weight, health, and longevity. Therefore, if you cut the carbohydrates down in your diet, then it will result in lower insulin levels which leads to fat loss, health improvements, and a longer life. All of this seems to make sense and books galore have been dedicated to addressing this very topic in recent years.

But what if the theory is dead wrong?

That’s exactly what a nutrition-minded blogger named James Krieger from Weightology believes and he has been writing quite extensively about it over the past couple of months. It’s a subject matter I believe is worthy of further discussion and debate within the low-carb community.


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