Mark Sisson’s ‘Primal Fuel’ And Bonnie Matheson Helping Women Get ‘Ahead Of The Curve’

Filed under: Podcast — @ December 14, 2010

Tune in at the beginning of today’s podcast to hear an extended interview with low-carb/Paleo blogger Mark Sisson from “Mark’s Daily Apple” about his brand new low-carb Primal Fuel meal replacement protein shake. Listen to Mark share about why he decided to create this product, his response to the critics who say this isn’t something Grok would eat, the ingredients that are included in this product that make it high-quality, why you should be a fan of coconut if you consume Primal Fuel, why soy is NOT included in this product, why he doesn’t use a lot of sweetener in Primal Fuel, the uniqueness of the coconut milk product he uses, why it contains some maltodextrin in it and what’s good about it, the sugars that are contained in the Primal Fuel including natural evaporated cane juice (sucrose), where the soluble fibers in the product come from, why he decided not to use any artificial flavors or sweeteners in Primal Fuel, why this product is convenient although he’d rather have you consume real food, and his no-hassle money back guarantee with the Primal Fuel.

In Episode 426 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from health and wellness coach Bonnie Matheson, author of Ahead of the Curve: An intimate conversation with women in the second half of life that discusses how women can be happy and have a positive attitude as they enter the latter years of their lives. Listen to Bonnie discuss how she got into the subject of health and wellness through “the back door,” the example of her own mom about how to grow older gracefully, why she believes health is in your own hands and not in doctors, her frustration over our “pop-a-pill” society, why pastured eggs and raw milk don’t deserve to be vilified, why health seems to be so messed up in modern society, why women should not have a hysterectomy, why she created a blog to continue spreading the message, her “graceful” divorce experience and how it positively shaped her life today, her inspiring message and why getting older doesn’t mean you’re going “downhill.”


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