Erin Chamerlik Promoting Healthy Real Low-Carb Food Nutrition

Filed under: Podcast — @ December 21, 2010

In Episode 428 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach Erin Chamerlik from “Get Better Wellness” who is another one of those people who had to go through some difficult personal circumstances in her own health to become enlightened about the right course of action nutritionally. Listen to Erin talk about her pursuit and passion to the truths about health after she dealt with some personal health complications, the panic attacks that forced her to begin taking a closer look at her diet, the daily chronic hives she had to go through over a two-year period, how her visit to see holistic physician Dr. Joseph Mercola and how he changed her thinking forever, the carb creep she allowed back in her life, the breast cancer scare she had that “finally got my attention,” her unassuming blog and speaking schedule that convinced her she needed to start sharing the knowledge she’s acquired about good diet and health, whether poor nutrition will catch up to people who are skinny and can seem to eat anything, her specific teachings about sugar and foods that turn to sugar in the body, why she thinks a smoothie is a great way to get veggies and fruit into her diet, her definition of what the healthy fats are, the book that altered her thinking about the importance of good cellular health, why trimming the fats off your pastured meats is futile, her favorite things to talk about with her clients, her love for the health benefits of drinking water, why counting calories is less important than focusing on the quality of food, the “Weight & Wellness” e-course she offers online to help people get healthy, and the food sensitivities towards gluten and dairy she identifies.


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