Dr. Robert Lustig Returns For ‘Encore Week’ 2011 On The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show

Filed under: Podcast — @ January 5, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR and I’m happy to bring you fresh podcast episodes to kick off your 2011 with a bang this week featuring the best of the best interview guests from 2010 with brand new conversations for you to enjoy during “Encore Week” 2011. In Episode 429 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we begin with the man who was initially reluctant to come on my show since he claims he “doesn’t believe in the low-carb lifestyle per se.” But after some cajoling from my fellow health podcaster Sean Croxton and others that my show is about so much more than a simple discussion of low-carb diets, Dr. Robert Lustig from “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” infamy agreed to come on for an interview. And a funny thing happened along the way–my conversation with him went on to become the #1 most-listened-to podcast interview of 2010 on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show”–nearly DOUBLE the next closest interview that I did with Gary Taubes. WOW! And this is why I continued to pursue the interview even after Dr. Lustig initially declined. Aren’t you glad I didn’t give up on it?

Well, Dr. Lustig was overwhelmingly voted back for a brand new interview as one of the best of the best of 2010 as voted on by my listeners. And in this “Encore Week” follow-up to our July 2010 interview, he did not disappoint! Listen to Dr. Lustig talk about his view of a low-carb diet and why he is so hesitant to embrace it as a nutritional approach for most people, his personal experience following a low-carb diet, how he matches his patients to the lifestyle change that’s right for them, why he believes in the “safe carb,” high-fiber diet instead, what he thinks about the work of Gary Taubes and the one major difference between what they believe nutritionally, why we should eat fiber or sugar at all rather than mixing them, the four reasons why he promotes fiber so heavily, how our Paleolithic ancestors were able to consume upwards of 100-300 grams of fiber in their diet, the leptin sensitivity of knockout mice used in research, which is more important–leptin or insulin?, why high insulin levels block leptin, why weight gain is necessary during puberty and pregnancy, why he could extrapolate a conclusion from his pilot study of 44 people when only 8 of them experienced the benefit (and his follow-up double-blind, randomized, controlled trial), what he thinks about the recent research connecting fructose with pancreatic cancer, whether giving up fructose alone is enough to get rid of excess fat accumulation, the two “antidotes” to fructose that he believes can neutralize its impact, why being obese doesn’t necessarily mean your unhealthy, why he believes in personalized obesity treatment, what he thinks about whole grains (not “pulverized” grains) that do not contain fructose, why the liver is the primary target of insulin action from the pancreas, what he thinks about the change in name from HFCS to “corn sugar,” why the sugar industry is getting away with promoting sugar as harmless, and the death threats he has received from sugar proponents. Dr. Robert Lustig is a very articulate champion of many of the concepts we believe in and I’m grateful he agreed to come back again for another interview during “Encore Week” 2011.


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