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Kimkins Diet Need Not Be Antagonized, But Rather Acclaimed

Finally, Weight Loss Message Gets Through To Jimmy Moore’s Brother

Take Action Now! Tell Your Legislators to Change the “Farm Bill” So That It Increases the Availability of Healthy Foods & Improves Nutrition Education for Americans

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Kimkins Diet Scrutiny Borne Out Of Weight Loss Jealousy

Look 10 Years Younger By Reducing Your Sugar Intake, New Book By Dermatologist Says

What Foods Do You Eat On The Kimkins Diet? Get A 7-Day Menu Here!

Bariatric Physician Says Obese Need Education, Reality Check

I Lost 18 Pounds In My First Week On Kimkins

Wake Up Your Real Taste Buds for Luscious Goodies From Mother Nature — Forget Overly Sweet Cereals, Candies, Etc.


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