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FTC: Shady Weight Loss Pill Marketing Had Better Stop

YMCA’s ‘Shrinkdown’ Leads To Triple-Digit Low-Carb Weight Loss

Two Low-Carb Weight Loss Blogs Mentioned In Galveston Daily News

You Can Succeed in 2007: Kick or Cut Back on Sugar and Boost Your Energy, Banish “Brain Fog,” Toss Out Your Temper Tantrums and Lose Weight To Boot

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How To Make Your Digital Camera Photos Even Better

Save the Date: SUGAR SHOCK! Virtual Book Tour on Jan. 17

SUGAR SHOCK! Sneak Peek of The Day: New Feature Begins As Countdown Begins Until My Book Hits Bookstores

Gorran’s Anti-Atkins Lawsuit Plan Just Hit The Fan

Weight Loss Coming Soon In A Nose Spray?

Attention Shoppers: Guard Against Gift Card Fraud

Low-Carb Weight Loss Blog Named Among Top 10 Health Web Sites Of 2006

British Dietitian Amanda Ursell Creates Stunning Low-Carb Weight Loss Success

Tadum! After 5 Years, I Received A Copy of My Finished Book SUGAR SHOCK!

Fresh Express: Spinach Is Safe To Eat Again

Make Sure to Catch the Smart, Thought-Provoking, Insightful Film “Fast Food Nation”

So Utterly & Completely Off Topic, But How Can a Woman Not Know She’s 9 Months Pregnant When She Gains 30 Pounds?

Of Junk Food, Violence & Omega-3: New Studies Demonstrate Food-Mood Connection

Poor John and His “Friendbombing” Woes: Read This Entertaining New York Times Column


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