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Georgia Student Lampoons Low-Carb To ‘Reach Out’ To Classmates

Is Fried Coke A Part Of ‘Balance And Variety And Moderation’ In Your Diet?

Do We Get Fat From Being Rich Or Poor?

Danish & Donuts Drove Man To Break Into A Convenience Store for a “Sugar Fix”

What Are We Feeding Babies To Make Them Get So Fat?

Brazilian Lady With Diabetes Gives Birth to 14-Pound Girl

You Could Gain Weight If You Drink Diet Soda, Study Says

Danish & Donuts Drove Man To Break Into A Convenience Store for a “Sugar Fix”

Burglar Blames Sugary Snacks For Enticing Him To Commit Crime

Is Sugar a Gateway Substance? Expert Says So

Big Sugar Spending More Than $1.8 Million to Disqualify Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Davis

Coca-Cola Co. Sued As Part of Effort to Force Soft Drink Makers to Eliminate Ingredients That Can Form Cancer-Causing Benzene

Check out this interesting Q & A in The Nation about Chef Ann Cooper, the acclaimed “Renegade Lunch Lady” or advocate for healthy school lunches

PBS Will Include Ads on Its Websites: Children’s Group Urges Action

Beyonce Admits Folly of Maple Syrup Diet

Is The FDA Really Allowing Viruses To Be Sprayed On Our Meat?

Poor Blood Sugar Control Linked to Cognitive Dysfunction

Famous Fitness Expert Kathy Smith Joins Renowned Doctors & Experts To Endorse My Book SUGAR SHOCK!

Is the Food Industry to Blame for Our Rising Obesity Problem? Get In On the Debate

Taxing Fat People Where It Hurts Them The Most


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