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Dr. Robert Lustig Returns For ‘Encore Week’ 2011 On The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show

The LLVLC Show Upcoming Podcast Schedule January-April 2011

Erin Chamerlik Promoting Healthy Real Low-Carb Food Nutrition

Zoë Harcombe Proudly Battling Obesity With The Low-Carb Message

Mark Sisson’s ‘Primal Fuel’ And Bonnie Matheson Helping Women Get ‘Ahead Of The Curve’

An All-Potato Diet For 60 Days? Ask Chris Voigt What That Feels Like!

‘The Twinkie Diet’ Guy Dr. Mark Haub Regrets His Experiment Went Public Connects The Farmer With Customers In Their Local Area

‘Ageless Fitness’ Creators Michelle Gaulin And Jack Taylor Competitive Bodybuilding In Their 50s

Biggest Loser nutritionist Dr. Michael Dansinger was inspired by Atkins

Dr. James D’Adamo Says Your Blood Type Determines Your Diet And Exercise Routine

Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton Offers Low-Carb Principles In Her Book ‘Choosing Health’

Bestselling Low-Carb Cookbook Author Jennifer Eloff From ‘Splendid Low-Carbing’

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum Helps You Conquer Your Type Of Sugar Addiction; Attorney John Tiedt Shares Behind-The-Scenes Details Of The Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit

Researcher Dr. David Ludwig Takes On Childhood Obesity With Low-Glycemic Load Approach

Mark Schatzker Seeks Out The World’s Perfect Steak

Gary Taubes: I’ll Have A Blog Up And Running By The End Of 2010

Dr. Robert Lustig Explains Why Fructose Has More To Do With Obesity And Disease Than Carbohydrate

Jimmy Moore’s Low-Carb Podcast Schedule Through January 2011

Isabel De Los Rios Offers A Whole Foods ‘Diet Solution’ Plan For Managing Weight And Health


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