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High carb diets linked to cancer

UCSF Professor Says Restricting Carbs The Secret To Youthfulness

Dr. Mark Haub’s ‘Little Debbie’ Diet Attempts To Prove A Point About Human Nutrition

New Study Damning The Atkins Diet Isn’t The Atkins Diet

Gary Foster study: low-carb clobbers low-fat diet on HDL / heart health risk

Dr. William Yancy On His Latest Low-Carb Study, Dr. David Friedman Dishes On Chewable Vitamins

Study: Low-Carb Matches Low-Fat Plus Orlistat (Alli) Treatment For Weight Loss And Health Improvements

Saturated Fat Was Put On Trial And Declared NOT GUILTY!

Australian Study Concludes A High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet Puts You In A Bad Mood — DANGIT!

A 400-500 Calorie, Ketogenic Diet Will Make You ‘Metabolically Healthy,’ Boston College Researcher Says

Does Higher Saturated Fat Intake Worsen Blood Flow? Think Again!

Red Meat Link To Cancer Study Conveniently Ignores Low-Carb Benefits

Dr. Richard Feinman Exposes Hypocrisy Of The Recent Sacks Calories Study

Dr. David Katz, Get Your Facts Straight Before Spouting Off About Health!

New England Journal Weight Loss Study On Calories Conveniently Forgets To Include A High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet

Researcher Supports Insulin, Drugs For ‘Type 3 Diabetes’ But Previous Studies Call For A High-Fat, Low-Carb Approach

Jimmy Moore’s Low-Carb Podcast Interview Schedule February Through April 2009

Jimmy Moore And Dr. Eric Westman Sing ‘Carbohydrate-Free’ Karaoke On Low-Carb Cruise

10-Day Update: Giving Up The Taste Of ‘Sweet’

Four New Diet And Health Research Studies You Need To See


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