Instead Of ‘Meatless Monday’, How About We Celebrate ‘Meat-Filled Monday’?

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Instead of “Meatless Monday,” I’m celebrating “Meat-Filled Monday”

The depths taken by those who promote a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle to push their nutritional beliefs on our culture never ceases to amaze me. What’s most amazing about this movement is how the campaign against meat consumption isn’t even subtle anymore (like requiring higher health insurance premiums for meat consumers, engaging in periodic “Meatout” events, and accusing meat eaters of “cannibalism”) — they just put it out there blatantly as if shunning healthy animal-based foods is somehow natural, normal, and necessary. While I don’t have an issue with someone giving up meat for whatever their personal reasons, demanding that others join them in this endeavor lest they be deemed somehow less caring about animals or the environment is utterly reprehensible. That’s what makes the emerging concept of “Meatless Monday” so particularly insidious.

Click here to read about this campaign which has already been adopted by a public school system and my proposed “Meat-Filled Monday” alternative.

Dr. Kurt Harris: Listening To Gary Taubes Changed What I Believed About Diet And Health

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Dr. Kurt Harris started his PaNu blog to educate on healthy nutrition

There are some pretty fascinating people out there who are very well-educated on the subject of nutrition and its direct relationship to health. People would be surprised to learn just how many highly-respected medical professionals are embracing the high-fat, low-carb nutritional approach for their patients. It’s a lot more than you’ll ever hear about from the media and you most certainly will have a hard time hearing these important voices within the mainstream. But I do sense a paradigm shift happening with this in the coming years thanks to up-and-coming physician bloggers like today’s podcast interview guest.

In Episode 325 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from a somewhat rebellious medical doctor named Dr. Kurt Harris who created his own Paleolithic nutrition blog in 2009 called PaNu. It won’t take long listening to this man to know he’s not your typical physician ready to prescribe the latest wonder drug that the pharmaceutical industry is ready to shove down your throat. Tune in to hear Dr. Harris talk about why lifestyle change is all but ignored by most doctors, his philosophy of looking at the body as a system rather than a machine, Gary Taubes’ influence on him after listening to him on an NPR radio interview, why weight loss is not the focus of his new blog, the cooperative nature of the low-carb/Paleo community, why he decided to become a blogger, his unique 12-step list, why eating less carbohydrates works regardless of some of the given reasons for why it does, the importance of eliminating sugar in the diet first, the improvements seen in even nominal reductions in carbohydrate intake, why he says the zero-carb movement is “the Hezbollah of low-carb,” why long-term Atkins Induction is probably not a bad idea, his concept of preserving the carb culture is akin to smoking candy cigarettes, why the fear of saturated fat must end, and his impact on fellow physicians and medical professionals.

Click here to be exposed to Dr. Harris’ matter-of-fact style and unabashed opinions on diet and health formed through both his personal research and experience. You’ll quickly discover why these qualities and more make him a delightful addition to the growing voice of dissent against the failed conventional wisdom of our day!

Low-Carb Health Benefits Continue To Pile Up In 2010

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You may not hear it anywhere else, but low-carb is positively changing lives

It’s the beginning of a brand new year again and virtually impossible to miss all the subliminal and blatant messages being thrown at you right now about healthy living on television commercials, online marketing, magazine ads, and when you go into your local retail bookstore. You can’t avoid it and what’s most disappointing of all is how much of it is just plain wrong. You’re hearing stuff like cut your fat, reduce your calories, exercise for hours a day, eat more “healthy” whole grains, eat your “good” carbs and “good” fats, everything in moderation and balance. These kind of messages are nauseating at best and some of them are actually potentially dangerous to your health.

At the same time, we’re still getting constantly bombarded by negative messages about high-fat, low-carb diets from the so-called health “experts” in the media claiming some pretty outrageous beliefs about health. It’s this kind of misinformation that people are exposed to and take at face value as the truth. We still have a long way to go to convince people of the truth.

The good news is there are examples galore of people who have attained success, radically improved their health, and changed their lives forever as a result of livin’ la vida low-carb. Yes, even in 2010 when the post-Atkins era is supposed to be in full swing, I receive e-mail after e-mail from readers on a daily basis who are excited to report their amazing progress from following a healthy low-carbohydrate nutritional plan that is working for them to shed the pounds and give them their health back. Today I wanted to share just a small sampling of the encouragement I receive from the people who are kind enough to visit my blog, listen to my podcast show, watch my YouTube videos, and read my books.

Click here to read stories about real people who have experience amazing turnarounds in their health thanks to the healthy low-carb lifestyle!

LLVLC On YouTube (Episode 85): January 2010 Health And Life Update On Jimmy And Christine Moore

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What’s happening with Jimmy and Christine Moore in early 2010?

Was that the holiday season that just BLEW by in a blur the past couple of months? Yikes! Life can get busy and before you know it you’re in a brand new year. It is 2010 now and so much is going on it can be difficult to keep up. The same goes for my wife Christine and I who have been riding the wave of a hectic schedule as of late. That’s why we wanted to do a YouTube video update about what’s going on in our health and life right now as we kick off a brand new year.

In Episode 85 of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube”, Christine and I share some updates about what is happening with her neck health which has been giving her pain problems over the past year, what we did about our vitamin D levels after discovering Christine had an extremely low reading of 9 ng/dL in 2009, the upcoming 3rd Annual Low-Carb Cruise to the Bahamas, and the stunning results of my recent heart scan score. It’s a mish-mash of all kinds of life events (with a snazzy new opening theme song and montage I created!) that will get you caught up with what is happening in the Moore household right now. We are excited about bringing lots of brand new videos to you throughout 2010.

Click here to see what’s going on in the life of Jimmy and Christine Moore.

Health Management Is The Personal Responsibility Of The Individual, Says Dr. Tim Reynolds

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NOW MORE THAN EVER, WE NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP THE MESSAGE GOING! If these twice-weekly podcast interviews from the most provocative and thought-provoking diet, fitness, and health experts have helped you in any way over the past few months and years, then help us keep it going by clicking on the DONATE button on the official podcast web site. We love making these exclusive interviews available to you at no charge so that the positive low-carb message can get out there to the people who need to hear it the most. We are so grateful for your generous donations of any amount so we can keep this going all throughout 2010 and well beyond. I have a fantastic group of fresh new expert interview guests lined up for your listening enjoyment and can’t wait for you to hear them! Go to and you can give your gift to the e-mail address Your continued financial support and listenership is essential and we THANK YOU so very much for your support!

Dr. Tim Reynolds has a passion for seeing people live healthier than ever

Most people erroneously believe that the role of their personal doctor is to make them well when they get sick. Unfortunately, the reality of the matter is many physicians are not equipped or trained to manage your health. Instead they are more apt to provide disease control care visa vi a prescription medication. UGH! Of course, this is the state of mainstream medicine in 2010 with no end in sight. But thankfully there are some medical professionals out there who are bucking the trend in an effort to make a real difference in the lives of their patients and I’m grateful to have one such expert as my interview guest today.

In Episode 324 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are privileged to hear from emergency care and weight loss specialist Dr. Tim Reynolds who shares what drives him to promote a low-carbohydrate nutritional approach. Hear him discuss why he became a physician, his disappointment in the medical profession being more disease control than health management, why personal responsibility for health is so vital, why people get stuck on the minutia rather than the big picture, why doctors are more apt to prescribe a pill over lifestyle change and why that is so important, the 85/15 principle, why there’s no such thing as “falling off your diet,” the new four-letter “d” word, hidden sugars wreaking havoc on health, why sugar is as addictive as cocaine, why the new sugar-loaded energy drinks are disastrous to health, why sugar gets a free pass while dietary fat is vilified, the importance of keeping a food log, medical myths that still persist like the cholesterol lie that has millions of people taking statin drugs, and why overprescribing antibiotics is making us less immune to disease in the future.

Click here to be inspired by what you hear from this cutting-edge medical leader of our day!

Best Of 2009 ‘Encore Week’ Low-Carb Podcast Interview With Nora Gedgaudas

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Nora Gedgaudas rounds out the best of 2009 “Encore Week” podcasts

What a week it has been with “Encore Week” highlighting brand new interviews with five of your favorite podcast interview guests from 2009. I’ve been privileged to bring you these exciting new interviews all this week featuring YOUR questions for these amazing experts in the world of low-carb diet and health. In case you missed them, be sure to check out my “Encore Week” interviews with Dr. Richard Bernstein, Mark Sisson, Julia Ross, and Sally Fallon. Last but certainly not least, we have one more podcast interview with the final of the best guests on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore” from 2009.

In Episode 323 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are excited to have Nora Gedgaudas back with us again. She is the author of Primal Body-Primal Mind and the host of the online VoiceAmerica radio show Primal Body-Primal Mind. Although she was just on my show in October 2009, Nora made a huge impact on my listeners who were intrigued by what they heard by this guest who espouses a Paleolithic way of eating.

In this interview, you’ll hear Nora Gedgaudas talk about why moderating protein is important for longevity, why more protein for women who are pregant is good for you, why we usually don’t have enough acid in our bodies, why carbivores have to relearn how to eat protein and fat, why a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet is ideal, why doing low-carb and low-fat at the same time is a mistake, why eating sugar is like using kindling to warm your house, why limiting fat is much more dangerous than eating fat, why vitamin deficiency is from a lack of fat in your diet, why vitamin D cannot be absorbed without dietary fat, why autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s is running rampant, how the glycemic index/glycemic load factors in to healthy eating, why honey and agave syrup are still just as bad as sugar, whether a ketogenic diet is necessary for weight loss, what role exercise plays in lung capacity, the benefits of using kettle bells for interval training, how you can get people to understand they have a problem with the way they are eating, and how to knock out your desire for consuming sweet foods.

Click here to hear why Nora Gedgaudas is so extremely articulate and knowledgeable about the subject matter she talks about.

Best Of 2009 ‘Encore Week’ Low-Carb Podcast Interview With Sally Fallon

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You had more questions for Sally Fallon than anyone for “Encore Week”

We’re winding down with “Encore Week,” but we’re not quite done yet. This has been a sensational week of low-carb podcasting feature brand new interviews with your favorite interview guests for all of 2009. When you voted for the interviews you enjoyed the most, I asked you to submit follow-up questions for them as well. And you came through with some really fantastic ones for all five of these guests. You’ve been able to hear from Dr. Richard Bernstein, Mark Sisson, and Julia Ross as part of “Encore Week” and today we have our fourth new interview with the best guests from last year and I’m thrilled to bring it to you today.

In Episode 322 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back Sally Fallon from The Weston A. Price Foundation which recently upgraded their web site to make the information about traditional diets more user-friendly and accessible. I received more questions for Sally Fallon than any other “Encore Week” guest and I’m pleased to be able to share her always-interesting responses with you today. Be sure to check out her book Nourishing Traditions as well as her Campaign For Real (Raw) Milk web site to follow along with the discussion.

Listen to Sally Fallon talk about the new update to the Weston A. Price Foundation web site, what her fitness routine is like, the myth that exercise was a major part of traditional man, what the top five nourishing foods are, the reason she is helping prisoners in Illinois get quality foods instead of soy, what the real deal on the effect of soy on health, the raw milk revolution that is happening across America, why she predicts pasteurized milk will be extinct within twenty years, why she promotes carbohydrate-rich foods, why soaking carbohydrates may lessen the glycemic impact on blood sugars, whether she has Celiac disease, any new recipes or cooking techniques she has discovered, her plans to release another traditional diets cookbook in 2012, how the work she is doing will change the way we do health in the future, why modern diets lead to infertility and premature death, why a famous athlete consuming a traditional diet could make the strongest impact on our culture about health, what she thinks about vegetarians like Dr. Joel Fuhrman who promotes a vegetarian diet for health, and whether a traditional diet is even possible in the 21st Century.

Click here to hear this delightful advocate of traditional diets.

Get A Complete Thyroid Panel Blood Test Run From The Comfort Of Your Home

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I wonder how many people actually know where their thyroid glands are

I’ve heard it over and over again over the years from so many well-meaning people, especially women, who have struggled to get their weight under control: ” I just can’t seem to lose any weight at all, so it must be my thyroid.” The frustration of doing everything right you can possibly do to produce weight loss only to have it fall flat on its face can make you assume that there is something wrong with your thyroid. And, quite frankly, many times that is indeed the case. But rather than assuming it’s your thyroid rather than something else, the best way to find out for sure is to have your thyroid function tested.

I have always wondered in the back of my mind whether my struggle with weight had anything to do with my thyroid function. After all, it is a possibility and it’s always better to eliminate as many things as possible so that the ultimate culprit will eventually be found. That’s why I turned to a cardiologist physician friend of mine named Dr. William Davis from “The Heart Scan Blog.” His mission at Track Your Plaque is heart disease prevention and reversal by providing some simple and affordable at-home blood tests for people who are interested in having various health markers tested including 25-hydroxy vitamin D, C-Reactive protein levels to measure inflammation, cardiometabolic testing to track your lipid panel and A1c levels and so much more! The one that I wanted to check out the most was the Complete Thyroid Profile Home Blood Test Kit.

Click here to learn more about this thyroid panel blood test that you can do from the comfort of your own home and what all it entails.

Best Of 2009 ‘Encore Week’ Low-Carb Podcast Interview With Julia Ross

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Your #1 favorite 2009 podcast interview guest Julia Ross is back again

It’s been a fantastic “Encore Week” so far and so many of you have shared how much you’ve enjoyed hearing from your favorite podcast interview guests from 2009. All this week we have brand new interview with these experts and they’re answering specific questions for them by the listeners of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore”. We have already heard from Dr. Richard Bernstein and Mark Sisson so far…and today we have the most-requested podcast interview guest of the year and you’ll soon find out why!

In Episode 321 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are pleased to welcome back to the show Julia Ross, author of The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure, who understands the abundant relationship between a low-carb lifestyle change and improving both mood and health. She says appetite and cravings can be controlled with the use of controlled carbohydrate nutrition and the proper supplementation without any struggle by restoring the brain chemistry they were meant to have. Julia is a big believer in being able to “shut off” the cravings and kick the carbs. Don’t miss my June 2009 interview with Julia Ross that earned her a visit back to the podcast for “Encore Week!”

Listen to Julia Ross talk about her excitement over her The Mood Cure book getting published in Germany, why circumstances aren’t as important as diet on mood, how stress-coping chemicals in the brain get depleted, what she thinks about the studies showing low-carb makes mood worse, how she can demolish a Snickers bar craving within five minutes, why filling out a quick questionnaire can help you determine which supplements you need to take, why refined carbohydrates/sugar is more addictive than cocaine, why men have an easier time controlling appetite, how you can tell if you are adrenally fatigued, the problem with taking supplements without having a reason to, what she thinks about Codex Alimentarius, why intermittent fasting is NOT recommended for people with poor weight and health issues, why protein at every meal is essential, how low-calorie diets lead to eating disorders, whether the 2010 Dietary Guidelines will acknowledge low-carb nutrition, what “good” carbs people should be eating, why potatoes are a healthy food to consume, why 5-HTP is necessary for some people, how people can get trained to do what she does, and why L-glutamine is an outstanding way to turn your low blood sugar carb cravings off.

Click here to learn so much from what Julia has to share and I’m pleased to bring her back to you again for this special “Encore Week” podcast episode.

Did ‘Food Network’ Star Alton Brown Really Lose 50 Pounds On A Low-Carb Diet?

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Photo courtesy of Lisa Hechesky
Celebrity chef Alton Brown’s amazing weight loss grabbing fan attention

People who watch The Food Network aren’t usually conscientious of the relationship between diet and health because quite frankly most of the recipes shared by the “stars” on there each and every day are loaded with way too much excessive sugar and carbohydrates that will simply pack on the pounds. The producers have tried in the past to highlight the benefits of eating well on a healthy low-carb nutritional approach when the great George Stella (whose recipes are now being featured on the home shopping channel QVC) was a regular with his “Low-Carb & Lovin’ It” show back in the heyday of livin’ la vida low-carb in the middle of the last decade. But with the low-carb “fad” allegedly passing in 2004 and now that nobody seems to be interested in healthy cooking on The Food Network anymore (although I think they’re missing a golden opportunity to hit an under-served market of viewers!), the producers completely ditched the idea of promoting a health-related cooking show.

But what will they do now that one of their network’s biggest stars has lost a total of 50 pounds by consuming what could easily be described as a low-carb diet? That’s exactly the dilemma they find themselves in with all the Internet buzz surrounding “Iron Chef America” host Alton Brown.

Click here to check out some video footage of Alton Brown’s new slimmed-down body, what he says he did to shed the weight, and a look at what kind of foods he consumed to produce this remarkable 50-pound weight loss.

Best Of 2009 ‘Encore Week’ Low-Carb Podcast Interview With Mark Sisson

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An “Encore Week” salute to primal low-carb living with Mark Sisson

We’ve jumped head-first into “Encore Week” now featuring five brand spankin’ new podcast interviews with YOUR favorite guests from all of 2009 on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore” all this week. We started off this fantastic week with the great Dr. Richard Bernstein on Monday and today we’ve got yet another one of the best interview guests from last year. If you follow the Paleo/low-carb blogging world, then no doubt you’re already familiar with this man’s awesome work!

In Episode 320 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear once again from Mark Sisson, blogger at Mark’s Daily Apple and author of the bestselling 2009 book The Primal Blueprint. He shared all about the concepts in his book during my July 2009 interview with him, but today Mark is back to answer the many questions my listeners had for him about the primal lifestyle.

Listen to Mark Sisson share his response to a moderately negative review of his new book on Amazon, when he thinks the tide towards low-carb science will begin to turn, what he thinks of Nora Gedgaudas’ Primal Body-Primal Mind book, his advice for Type 1 diabetics, why most people are doing way too much cardiovascular exercise, what happens when you don’t do any exercise, what the purpose of not resting between reps during resistance training is, whether there is any such thing as a hormonally-optimal diet, why women need testosterone, whether grass-fed and range-fed foods are essential, what alternatives are available for people who cannot afford the higher quality of meats, what plant sources Grok (Mark’s fictional Paleolithic man) ate in places around the world, what’s wrong with consuming whole grains, why conventional wisdom is still stuck on low-fat, high-carb diets, why eating five small meals throughout the day is a myth, why there is no dietary need for carbohydrate, and whether he has modified anything about what he believes regarding diet and health.

Click here to listen to one of the most dynamic speakers who oozes with enthusiastic passion in everything he talks about. Let what Mark Sisson says encourage, educate, and inspire you today!

Innovative Metabolic Solutions Offers 14-Week Low-Carb Educational Course For Doctors And Patients

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IMS bringing low-carb educational modules to physicians

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from people just about every single day is, “Where can I find a doctor in my area who will support my healthy low-carb lifestyle?” It can be frustrating to have your excitement about a fresh new way of eating crushed in an instant by a medical professional who claims you will cause harm to your health by eating a high-fat, carbohydrate-restricted diet. That’s one of the reasons I started my “List Of Low-Carb Doctors” blog to connect patients with doctors who understand the benefits of livin’ la vida low-carb and will ENCOURAGE them in their weight loss and health efforts. But we still have a lot of work to do.

That’s why Innovative Metabolic Solutions (IMS) was created. This brand new web site serves as a virtual online hub for information about the science behind low-carb living. It’s a joint project from three of the biggest names in the world of low-carb: Good Calories Bad Calories author Gary Taubes, low-carb practitioner Dr. Mary C. Vernon from Lawrence, Kansas and low-carb practitioner and researcher Dr. Eric Westman from Duke University. They are all extremely interested in getting this information about low-carb diets and the constantly emerging science that supports it not just for weight loss but health improvements too. It’s one thing to just talk about low-carb research, but IMS seeks to go much deeper than that.

Dr. Vernon and Dr. Westman lead 14 weeks of low-carb training

Dr. Westman said the purpose of starting IMS was “to train doctors and other health care providers about nutrition” and that will be getting underway in full force beginning on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 8PM ET. This will be the start of an exciting 14-week set of online educational modules to arm interested physicians and lay people alike who are interested in learning more about the science behind why a controlled-carb nutritional approach works so well. It will run through April 20, 2010 and anyone can sign up to participate in these modules.

Click here to learn more about the specifics of the 14-week class and how YOU can participate in them!

Shane Doll Says You Need To Mix Low-Carb And Exercise For Fat Loss

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South Carolina-based fitness expert Shane Doll from Shaping Concepts

Talk to any personal trainers or fitness gurus in your typical gym about nutrition and most of them will tell you to load up on the carbohydrates both before and after working out. They might think they know best about diet because everyone seems to be recommending the same thing. But not all trainers are stuck on the high-carb mantra for building muscle and getting into shape. Today’s podcast interview guest is one such personal trainer who embraces the concepts of carbohydrate-restriction in conjunction with a healthy fitness routine.

In Episode 318 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from certified personal trainer Shane Doll who founded Shaping Concepts in 2004. As a former collegiate football player, Shane has always been extremely interested in the subject of fitness and health which has motivated him to do what he does today. He is a regular writer and speaker about exercise, diet, and health in various publications as well as on television. You’ll enjoy the enthusiasm in his voice for this subject matter.

Listen to Shane Doll discuss why he started Shaping Concepts in South Carolina, why people tend to fail over and over again at weight loss, the mental and emotional side of weight loss, how you get first-time exercisers excited about it, why just 30 minutes is all the time you need to invest in a workout session, your individualized fat-loss range for caloric intake, why excessive carbohydrate is destroying our weight and health, why grains are irrelevant, the hormonal connection that requires a customized diet and fitness plan, food label deceptions, why all “healthy” foods aren’t necessarily good for you, the common myths about fitness and fat loss, why it is important to reset the erroneous thinking about fat loss, what it takes to get a flat stomach, the cardiovascular routines that tap into stored fat the best, what “functional training” is, whether he provides training to clients outside of South Carolina, and who his nutritional and fitness heroes are.

Click here to listen to this dynamic interview with Shane Doll!

The American Heart Association Scorns Low-Carb, But It Will Be Very Relevant For Health This Decade

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The constant weeping and gnashing of teeth over low-carb has been futile

Nearly ten years ago, the American Heart Association (AHA), one of the leading health advocacy groups in the United States, released an infamous advisory paper warning unsuspecting and none-the-wiser people about the alleged dangers to their health of going on a low-carb diet. It was met with great fanfare and raucous cheering from all those so-called health “experts” who have long believed the “high-protein” (actually, most controlled-carb diets are more accurately described as “high-fat” and “moderate-protein”) low-carb diets will lead to the destruction of the health of millions of Americans. They booed and hissed and booed and hissed some more attempting as hard as they possibly could to discourage people from following a healthy carbohydrate-restricted lifestyle change.

One decade later, the truth about livin’ la vida low-carb remains intact: people are losing tons of weight, but, more importantly, they are coming off of prescription medications they’ve taken for years, feeling and looking better than they ever have in their entire life, significantly lowering their chance of ever having a cardiovascular event, controlling their blood sugar and insulin levels especially for those with Type 2 diabetes, preventing predictable neurological diseases and cancers from happening, and realizing just how bamboozled they have been for far too many years believing in the low-fat lie. It’s as if people who have successfully transitioned themselves from being morbidly obese and decidedly unhealthy into a more normal weight and in stellar health on a low-carb lifestyle don’t even exist anymore. POOF, we’ve just disappeared!

But I’m here to tell you — WE’RE STILL HERE and we’re not going away!

Click here to find out why all the so-called health “experts” have been dead wrong about low-carb living and why this amazing way of eating is even more relevant in 2010 than ever before!

Russ Lane Offers Up Hope And Help For Long-Term Weight Maintenance

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Russ Lane offers his Second Helping web site for weight maintainers

After years and years of life experience, most of us are pretty darn good experts at what we need to do to lose weight, but very few people are good at the whole weight maintenance thing. It can be challenging keeping your weight in check once you reach the weight you are comfortable at (something I know all too well!). And the biggest issue people deal with isn’t even physical, it’s mental. That’s something today’s podcast guest knows all too well as a former 350+ pound man who learned a lot about himself through weight loss and now continued weight maintenance.

In Episode 317 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from freelance journalist Russ Lane who created a fantastic web site called Second Helping to help people acclimate to a “normal” life after weight loss. It’s an often overlooked aspect of the equation but vitally important to long-term success. That’s why Russ, who ironically works as a food and dining critic, wanted to help people going through this transition.

Listen to Russ Lane discuss his 200-pound weight loss experience, the inferiority complex that happens to people who lose a significant amount of weight, the double standard that obese people have to deal with, the mental challenges that come after weight loss, Russ’ foray into low-carb diets and then switch to something else that worked for him, his challenges of being a food critic, the misunderstood nature of the Atkins diet, why Second Helping focuses on “after” weight loss primarily, why the mental aspect of weight loss is so important, his experience being a part of The Joy Fit Club on NBC-TV’s Today show, the “fate” that brought the contributors at Second Helping together, and a sample menu of the healthy gourmet meals he eats on a regular basis. Russ is an extremely likable guy who you will be encouraged and inspired by in today’s interview.

Click here to check out this spectacular interview with Russ Lane!

4 Reasons For NOT Going On A Low-Carb Diet And Why They Are Completely Invalid

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Are the questions and concerns about low-carb diets legitimate?

Engaging people on the subject of low-carb diets is the heartbeat of everything that I am doing these days and will continue to do for many years to come. Whether it is on my blog, iTunes podcast, YouTube videos, and elsewhere online or in speaking with people face-to-face, my passion remains strong for sharing with everyone I know about the incredible health benefits of livin’ la vida low-carb. Nobody will ever convince me that eating a high-whole grain, low-fat diet is ever gonna be good for my body again.

One of the places where enjoy I hearing from people who don’t necessarily buy into the low-carb message is on the discussion boards at I’ve blogged about how the thread I created a few years back about low-carb diets has heated up from time to time, including when vegan diet proponent T. Colin Campbell showed up to express his disdain for the low-carb lifestyle. When I created that thread in 2006, I had no idea there would be such a lively interaction with people but I’m glad there has been.

It provides opportunities for learning about what low-carb is REALLY about without all the innuendo and misinformation that tends to dominate media headlines and out of the mouths of the so-called health “experts.” One person recently commented on his thoughts about low-carb diets and he shared four areas of concern that he just couldn’t wrap his head around.

Click here to read this person’s top four complaints about low-carb diets and my specific response to each one of his concerns.

Got Weight Gain? Get Going With What You Know Will Work For You!

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Weight gain should be your call to action, not your downfall

We have now officially made it through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays yet again and how many people are willing to stand up and say they stuck to their low-carb lifestyle 100 percent every step of the way? Anyone? Well, I know some have and I congratulate them for their persistence in their healthy lifestyle change. It is certainly a place where many people would like to be.

But for others, maybe you’ve added on to the weight gain you had prior to the past couple of months and you’ve decided the time is right to do something about it. Welcome to the next chapter in your journey to better health and I hope to offer education, encouragement, and inspiration to you as you begin this great adventure! It’s not always gonna be a smooth ride, but you’ll never regret going down this path for yourself.

When you’ve been livin’ la vida low-carb for quite a few years and lost a significant amount of weight like I did in 2004 shedding 180 pounds, people often wonder if your body weight just magically stays the same year after year without any fluctuations at all. Oh, don’t I wish it worked that way! The reality is that even when you are doing everything you know to be “right” that helped you lose the weight to begin with, sometimes the weight will begin to creep back on again ever-so-slowly. It’s not a sudden thing just as weight gain doesn’t happen overnight.

But what if you seem to be doing everything right and there’s no weight loss? Or even worse — WEIGHT GAIN! Is it the end of the world? Do you just pack up your efforts towards living a healthy lifestyle and say the heck with it all? It can certainly feel that way at times and I can personally attest to the frustration that comes with gaining back some weight.

Click here to learn how a 50-pound weight gain over the past two years is not discouraging me from trying to lose weight and why you should be encouraged in your own low-carb weight loss efforts.

Merry Christmas From Jimmy Moore And ‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb’

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I’m headed for Virginia Beach to spend the Christmas holiday season with Christine’s family and will probably not have time or access to blogging while I’m away. We plan on driving back home to South Carolina on Saturday (just in time for my 38th birthday on Sunday!) and I’ll be back at it again next week! Thanks so much for your continued support of the work I am doing on behalf of healthy living and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours during this blessed holiday season.

Although I won’t be blogging, you can keep up with me anytime at:

By the way, I’ve received numerous e-mail requests from people about how they can get an autographed copy of my brand new book 21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb. I’d be delighted to send you one with FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING for U.S. residents only (international shipping rates are slightly higher, so please e-mail me for more details). Click here to place your order through PayPal and I’ll ship your book to you ASAP! THANKS so much!

Otto Warburg’s Low-Carb Cancer Treatment Legacy Lives On Through Professor Brian Peskin

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Provocative Professor Brian Peskin blows the lid off of health myths

Cancer is a serious illness that warrants innovative ways to treat it that go beyond the usual ways to deal with it. German Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. discovered the best way to treat cancer is to starve the cancer cells which thrives on sugar. If you reduce the sugar/carbohydrates and replace it with more fat, then you can stop the spread of this terrible disease, reduce tumors, and do it all naturally without the use of dangerous drugs and chemotherapy (something I wrote extensively about in Lesson #11 of my new book). Today’s podcast interview guest picks up where Dr. Warburg left off in his research.

In Episode 316 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from the enthusiastic Professor Brian Peskin, an MIT graduate who founded the field of Life-Systems Engineering Science in 1995 to bring a practical application approach to health. He wrote a compelling and comprehensive book on the nutritional solution to cancer entitled The Hidden Story of Cancer that should be required reading for every medical professional today. Professor Peskin has certainly done his research on this subject and is impassioned about sharing what he’s learned with everyone who will listen.

Tune in to today’s interview with Brian Peskin to hear how his wife’s Type 1 diabetes diagnosis led him to do what he does, the indelible influence of Dr. Otto Warburg on what he believes about cancer, why the lack of cellular oxygen and parent essential oils are critical in health, the dangers of fish oil leading to diabetes and even death, why most omega-6 fatty acids aren’t functional, the truth about cardiovascular health and statin drugs, why most doctors are clueless about heart disease, longevity, and cancer, the connection between low-LDL cholesterol and cancer, why a 99% failure rate for statin drugs is acceptable to the so-called health “experts,” why the FDA doesn’t step in to do something about the statin failure issue, what he thinks about T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study, why animal-based protein is so vitally important, and why he believes consuming a high-carb diet is “dumber than dirt.”

Click here to check out this highly entertaining and informative podcast interview that you should listen to if you or someone who know is dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Low-Carb News And Health Headlines For December 2009

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Jump for joy at the latest low-carb news for December 2009

Christmas is almost here and so much is going on in the wonderful world of livin’ la vida low-carb. With the new year just a couple of weeks away I wanted to squeeze in one more low-carb news and health headlines update for December 2009 into the schedule. Click here to soak it all in one last time in 2009!


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