Atkins hires turnaround firm amid low-carb glut

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Atkins Nutritionals confirmed today that it has hired a turnaround specialist as it struggles with tough competition and waning interest in low-carb diets. The comapny said that crisis management firm AlixPartners LLC will help with its finances and the management of its supply chain.

As previously reported, Atkins also said it will cut jobs and take other measures to boost efficiency in response to an increase in the number of low-carb products. “There has been a huge explosion of low-carb products from manufacturers of every conceivable size,” said Atkins spokesman Richard Rothstein. “We are dealing with a very different marketplace than existed a year ago.”

Atkins Nutritionals trimming work force

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According to the Dow Jones Newswire, Atkins Nutritionals is in the process of laying off workers. Richard Rothstein, a spokesman for the company, which is privately held and currently employs 370 people, would not say how many positions will be cut. “It’s an ongoing process that began this week and will be resolved in the near future,” Rothstein said.

bq. The cuts are the latest sign of distress for the diet company, which bears the name of Dr. Robert Atkins. Its diet peaked last year and has faced criticism from health officials as well as mounting competition from other diets.

In the second quarter, Atkins wrote off some of its inventory as the food expired, a move that weighed on the company

Pizza Hut offers Carb Tracker pizza

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Pizza Hut has expanded its Fit N’ Delicious line with new Carb Tracker pizzas. The individually-sized (6-inch) lower-carb pizzas are specially formulated to “give you the great taste you expect from a Pizza Hut pizza” with between 22 and 26g of net carbs. Pricing was not available as this story was posted.

Anheuser-Busch to expand low-carb Bacardi line

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CarbWire has learned that Anheuser-Busch will expand it’s low-carb Bacardi line with the introduction of Bacardi Silver Green Apple. The company started shipping Bacardi Silver low-carb Black Cherry in June (Review here). Look for the new Green Apple flavor in October.

If the nutritional values stay the same, Bacardi Silver Green Apple will contain 2.6 grams of carbs and 96 calories per 12oz bottle.

Swimmer to market low-carb Guinness beer

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Athens 50-meter freestyle gold medalist Gary Hall Jr. will appear in a low-carb advertising campaign by Guinness this month. The company has promoted its low-carb attribute before, though this will be the first advertising of it. Mr. Hall is the fastest swimmer in US history.

bq. “To be successful at this level of competition, it’s important to watch what we put into our bodies,” Hall said. “And drinking Guinness allows me to enjoy a great tasting beer without the physical sacrifice or guilt.”

Low-carb Reese’s Peanut Butter cup review

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Reese's low-carb smallWhile stocking up with supplies before hurricane Frances rolls through, we spotted Target selling Reese’s 1 carb peanut butter cups and decided to grab a few. This product does not seem to be a part of Hershey’s “Carb Alternatives” line. The website set up for Hershey’s 1g limits itself to the 1 carbohydrate Hershey bars that were introduced last year. It doesn’t really matter if they are new or not though–it’s low-carb candy.

A total of 8 candy loving reviewers sampled the Reese’s Cups. All claimed to be fans of the original high carb version, which frankly is not hard to believe (they are so good). While the response wasn’t amazing, no cup went uneaten. In fact, we had to go back to get a pack for the photo shoot. Read on for our take.

Read the rest

Low-carb side effects cited

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According to a scientist who reviewed five dozen diet studies, low-carb diets produce more side effects than the average low-fat diet. Danish obesity expert Dr. Arne Astrup, whose survey is published this week in The Lancet medical journal, says that headaches, muscle weakness and either diarrhea or constipation are reported more often by low-carb dieters than those on conventional diets.

However, other experts question how bad the side effects really are. “More people stayed in the low-carb group than in the low-fat group, so you’ve got to wonder how severe those side effects were if more people kept to the low-carb diet,” said William Yancy, a Duke University researcher who conducted one of the major studies that Astrup reviewed.

Holiday Inn tests electronic menus

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Today’s USA Today notes that Holiday Inn is testing an electronic menu that allows patrons to track carbs and calories (not to mention the bill) without using a calculator. You can find the high-tech menus at a Holiday Inn shortly outside of Atlanta (in Duluth). The hotel chain expects to expand the test to 10 locations.

bq. Because it also taps into the Internet, travelers can surf the Web–checking out plane schedules, weather and other critical travel information–as they dine.

Ruby Tuesday adds new low-carb menu items

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Ruby Tuesday has introduced a new menu with more than 30 Smart Eating items that are lower in carbs, calories and fat. Some of the new items include: the low-carb Peppercorn Salmon Caesar salad, the low-carb Chicken Cobb salad, several low-carb sandwiches in whole-grain wraps, and a low-carb Chocolate Lava Cake.

Blue Bunny intros low-carb yogurts, desserts, novelties

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Blue Bunny has announced several additions to its Carb Freedom line of yogurts, frozen dairy desserts and novelties. The new products include:

* Carb Freedom Yogurt – Strawberry Banana, and Blueberry (5g net carbs)

* Carb Freedom Frozen Dairy Dessert – Caramel Toffee (3g), Neapolitan (2g), and Peanut Butter Fudge (3g)

* Carb Freedom Frozen Novelties – Black Raspberry Bar (1g), Peanut Butter Bar (1g), Candy Bar (3g), Vanilla Cone (5g), and Fruit Juice Bar (3g)

New Atkins Morning Start Breakfast Bar flavors

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Atkins Morning Start Breakfast BarsAtkins has expanded its line of Morning Start Breakfast Bars with two new flavors: Trail Mix and Triple Berry. They contain 3 net carbs per bar and will begin showing up in stores in early September. The Trail Mix flavor is made with chewy granola, mixed nuts and cranberries, while Triple Berry has granola, mixed berries and almonds.

CarbWire QuickTake: Atkins provided us with both new flavors, which arrived today. As far as breakfast products go, these are among the best. They pack great flavors (especially Triple Berry) to begin your day with, and are great to take with you when you’re running late in the mornings. While we might not be ready to give up our Atkins Apple Crisp bars just yet, these new flavors sure make us think twice.

Atkins donates food to hurricane relief efforts

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Atkins Nutritionals has donated over one million of its Atkins Advantage bars to the relief efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Charley. In response to a request for help from Feed the Children, representatives at Atkins wasted no time in releasing product to the non-profit organization for distribution throughout affected areas of Florida.

Rumor watch: Keto not bankrupt

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Despite rumors swirling around the industry today, CarbWire can confirm that Keto is not filing for any type of bankruptcy. It is not known who started the rumor, but signs point towards a disgruntled ex-employee. Arne Bey of Keto told CarbWire that the company has felt the heat of competition in the growing low-carb industry, but has absolutely no plans to file bankruptcy.

A search performed on New Jersey’s bankruptcy court records confirmed Mr. Bey’s statement.

T.G.I. Friday’s expands low-carb menu

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T.G.I. Friday's Grilled Buffalo Chicken Salad
Casual dining restaurant T.G.I Friday’s today announced more low-carb items for its popular Atkins approved menu. The new items are:

* Grilled Buffalo Chicken Salad (shown at right)- 10 net carbs

* Key West Grouper with a sparkling citrus splash and fresh-roasted vegetables – 12 net carbs

* Chicken La Boca with marinated artichoke and creamed spinach blended with bacon – 10 net carbs

* New York Cheesecake – 7 net carbs

The full Atkins approved menu can be viewed here.

Low-carb food may have missed Atkins wave

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According to some analysts and industry observers, the low-carb movement has peaked, and food manufacturers who are just now coming out with low-carb versions of their products may be too late.

The food industry could have wasted “hundreds of millions” of dollars in reformulating and repackaging products as low-carb, said Ken Harris, a consultant who works with consumer products and retail companies for Cannondale Associates. “Just to bring a product to market is very costly.”

Atkins weighs in on USDA Food Guidance System

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At a key meeting of national stakeholders in the current review by the US Government of the food guide pyramid, Dr. Stuart Trager, Medical Director of Atkins Nutritionals, today called for an overhaul of the government’s graphic to one that is reflective of the dynamic relationship between physical activity and the elimination of non-nutritive carbs from one’s daily diet.

“It’s time to move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach,” Trager said. “We need solutions that work not only in the laboratory, but in the real world, for real people with busy lives and healthy appetites. Working in partnership with the federal government, we can combat the obesity epidemic by giving people the tools and knowledge they need to make informed choices about the food they eat.”

Read the rest

Atkins ready to invade the land of carbs

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Atkins Nutritionals is bringing its low-carb diet to Latin America. The company plans to open a small office in Aventura to head the expansion south of the border, where foods such as tortillas, rice and beans make up a large portion of almost every meal.

“It’s definitely challenging,” said Jeffrey Sharlach, president and chief executive of The Jeffrey Group, a Miami Beach marketing agency that’s been hired for the effort. “It’s not exactly a diet-conscious society.”

Atlanta Bread Company expands low-carb fare

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baja-bobs-martini-mix.jpgAtlanta Bread Company has rolled out some new lower-carb products: a lower-carb Bagel Roll and lower-carb Chocolate Cake.

The Bagel Roll comes with dried cranberries and walnuts and contains 10 net carbs per serving. The chocolate cake is topped with powdered sugar and weighs in at 12 net carbs per serving.

Atlanta Bread has already been serving Multi-Grain lower-carb Bread, which has 5 net carbs per 1 oz slice.

Baja Bob’s intros low-carb Martini mixes

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baja-bobs-martini-mix.jpgBaja Bob’s Bar Mixes today announced the world’s first line of low-carb Martini mixes. Sweetened with Splenda and all-natural flavors, Baja Bob’s Martinis will come in the latest flavor combinations: Cranberry Cosmo, Sour Apple, luscious Lemon Drop and Blue Raspberry.

They contain 0-2 total carbs and 10 calories per drink (compared to the 30-40 carbs and 100 calories of a typical flavored Martini mix), allowing savvy consumers to “indulge in the occasional libation without undoing their otherwise healthy habits.”

All four flavors are scheduled for release in September.

7-UP PLUS debuts this month

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7-UP PLUSAccording to a release by Cadbury Schweppes, 7-UP PLUS will make a splash this month. The calcium and vitamin C fortified drink was first announced back in June 2004. 7-UP PLUS is sweetened with Splenda and contains approximately ten calories and two grams of carbohydrates per 8-ounce serving. The flavor is said to be a mix of 7-UP and fruit juice (real fruit juice is in 7-UP PLUS).

The advertising campaign will launch in early October and features Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. The spots will likely market towards women.

CarbWire will have an official review as soon as we get ahold of a sample.


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