Atkins intros Endulge chocolate covered cookies

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atkins-endulge-cookies.jpgAtkins Nutritionals has expanded its Endulge line of snack products with the introduction of new low-carb cookies.

Klondike CarbSmart ice cream cones announced

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Looking for a low-carb ice cream cone? Klondike CarbSmart ice cream cones have “all the crunchy-goodness of regular Klondike cones” but with only 5 grams of net carbs each.

The new cones are made with real ice cream dipped in chocolate-flavored coating and rolled in peanuts. Splenda is used to sweeten the ice cream and chocolate coating.

Klondike CarbSmart ice cream cones are available nationally in supermarkets. The suggested retail price for a 4-pack of 4.0-fluid ounce cones is $3.99.

Kellogg’s intros low-carb Special K, Eggo waffles, more

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kellogg-products.jpgKellogg’s today announced several new products, including low-carb versions of its Special K cereal, Keebler cookies and Eggo waffles.

Special K For A Low Carb Lifestyle has 10 grams of protein, 9 grams of net carbs and 5 grams of fiber per serving.

Keebler Chips Deluxe Carb Sensible Cookies come in Chocolate Chocolate Chip with Pecans (2g net carbs), Peanut Butter (3g net carbs), and Chocolate Chip flavors (4g net carbs).

Kellogg’s Eggo Special K For Your Low Carb Lifestyle waffles have 7 grams of protein, 4 grams of net carbs and 3 grams of fiber each.

All products are available nationwide at grocery stores and mass retailers.

Low-carb craze boosts peanuts’ popularity

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The consumption of peanuts and peanut butter is up 10 percent over the past year thanks to the popularity of low-carb, high-protein diets.

bq. Tyron Spearman, director of the National Peanut Buying Points Association, said crop prices are reaching record heights–from $355 to $404 a ton on the posted price, which translates into $3 to $5 million for farmers.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays go low-carb

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The Tampa Bay Devil Rays have entered into a multi-year sponsorship agreement with GeoPharma, which markets CarbSlim Bites. As part of the agreement, the low-carb candy will be sold at Tropicana Field, as well as at Progress Energy Park. There will also be in-stadium signage and sampling events during the regular season.

The Devil Rays and GeoPharma will kick off the sales of CarbSlim Bites at today’s game against the New York Yankees. There is a buy one, get one free promotion while supplies last.

Mid-carb sodas not hot sellers

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The Wall Street Journal is running a piece [subscription only] about the lagging sales of mid-carb sodas, specifically Pepsi Edge and Coke C2. Neither is experiencing the expected sales volume despite having lots of marketing money behind them.

Coke has called the launch of C2 the biggest since the launch of Diet Coke in 1982. Some analysts have said that the pricing is hurting C2 (it only sells in packs of 8 and 18 but charges the amount for 12 and 24).

Clear Channel to give out CarboRite samples

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CarboRite has partnered with Clear Channel to give away free samples of its low-carb products at select concerts performed at Clear Channel amphitheatres this Summer. The promotion has been dubbed “Sweet Seats of Summer” and will take place in the top 20 US markets at a total of around 500 concerts.

Besides samples, CarboRite will be giving out seat upgrades. To enter (and to get the free food), look for a bright blue CarboRite van outside of the venu.

CarbWire nominated for CarbAware Consumer Choice Award

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CarbWire has been nominated for outstanding low-carb news coverage in the 2004 CarbAware Consumer Choice Awards. The awards will be presented at this year’s CarbAware Expo & Conference, which will take place September 16-19, 2004 in Washington, DC.

The winners will be chosen by you, the consumer, so please hop on over and vote for us. Voting will be open online from July 15 through September 10, 2004.

The CarbAware Expo & Conference is the first large event dedicated to low-carb diets and controlled-carb nutrition and will be open to consumers, healthcare professionals, industry and the supply chain.

Mid-carb sodas ‘dead on arrival’

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Legg Mason beverage analyst Mark Swartzberg said yesterday that sales of mid-carb colas recently introduced by Pepsi and Coke are “either slow builds or something closer to dead on arrival.”

In a research note, Swartzberg said the findings were based on feedback from 51 U.S. retailers who were currently stocking Pepsi Edge and Coke C2.

Survey: Americans abandoning low-carb diets

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A new survey by InsightExpress claims that more than half of all U.S. consumers that have tried low-carb diets have given up, and interest in the lifestyle has plateaued. However, the research firm conduced the survey by polling only 500 Americans.

InsightExpress says it found that less than 10 percent of the U.S. is currently on a low-carb diet, and that of the nearly 80 percent of Americans who have abstained from low-carb diets, fewer than one in five would consider purchasing a low-carb product because of health concerns.

Friendly’s announces Carb Fabulous desserts, entrees

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Friendly’s Restaurants today announced new “Carb Fabulous” desserts and entrees for consumers watching their carb intake.

The Carb Fabulous Sundae with Carb Fabulous Vanilla ice cream is topped by no-sugar-added hot fudge sauce, whipped topping and almonds–all with only 11 grams of net carbs. You can also take home a 56-ounce carton of Friendly’s Carb Fabulous Ice Cream in Fudge Swirl or Vanilla.

The Carb Fabulous menu also includes entrees such as the Bunless Colossal Mushroom Swiss and Bacon Burger with 11 net carbs, Carb Fabulous New Orleans Chicken with Cheese with 10 net carbs and Sirloin Steak & Portabella Mushrooms with 12 net carbs.

Ideal You low-carb beverages and sweetener

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ideal-you.jpgIdeal You is a new low-carb beverage and sweetener product that contains zero net carbs, no calories plus the added benefits of calcium and fiber. The all-natural product line is available in four mixes–lemonade, iced tea with lemon, raspberry iced tea and unsweetened iced tea–and a sweetener.

Ideal You is available now in Albertsons, Kroger, Sunflower Market, Whole Foods, and regional health food stores.

Elizabeth Edwards and the South Beach Diet

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In an article spotlighting John Edwards’ wife Elizabeth Edwards, USA Today reporter Jill Lawrence notes that Mrs. Edwards has at least tried the South Beach Diet. However, she quickly found out that the campaign trail is no place for a diet:

bq. “I’m like every person who would like to lose a few pounds,” Edwards said in an interview Saturday as she rode the few miles from a huge welcome-back rally here to her spacious, wooded home, where a CBS crew from 60 Minutes was waiting. “Every night, you know, I’m going to be on that diet [South Beach Diet] tomorrow. And sometimes I am, and sometimes, particularly in the campaign, it’s really hard. They feed you constantly.”

John Edwards is John Kerry’s running mate and the likely Democratic VP nominee.

Low-carb food slowing down?

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The Wall Street Journal is today running a piece [subscription only] about food makers cutting low-carb plans because of the trend slowing down. The article cites several examples of low-carb products not selling well. However, not all is lost–this is normal for a new food industry:

bq. Call it the food-fad effect. Past food trends show that only a fraction of new diet-driven products earn a permanent spot on supermarket shelves. When low-fat dieting became popular in the late 1980s, manufacturers took the fat out of everything from tortillas to spaghetti sauce. Low-fat varieties of some dairy products have become grocery staples, but many fat-free products didn’t last because they didn’t taste good, says Pete Mattson, chairman of food product-development firm Mattson & Co.

So far this year 1,863 low-carb products have been launched.

Low-carb frozen yogurt

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Breyers today announced that it will soon launch the first low-carb frozen yogurt for sale in supermarket freezers. Breyers CarbSmart Frozen Yogurt will be available in vanilla and chocolate. Each 1/2 cup serving of the new product contains 4 net carbs. Splenda is one of the sweeteners used in CarbSmart Frozen Yogurt.

Look for this product at your local supermarket starting in August. The suggested retail price is $5.09.

‘You are how you eat’

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Cooking instructor and author Giuliano Hazan has penned and editorial for the New York Times on why Italians are slimmer than Americans even though they eat four times as much pasta. He says it’s not the carbs that make us overweight. It’s our relationship with food and our lifestyle. “How we eat is just as important–if not more so–than what we eat,” according to Hazan.

bq. In general, Italians take their time when they eat. Many businesses in Italy still close in the middle of the day for three hours to allow for a leisurely lunch. Family mealtimes are sacred. Cooking for one’s family becomes an act of love. Family meals allow for conversation and strengthen the family bond. The antithesis of the Italian eating style is fast food and “eating on the run,” where little attention is given to what is being consumed and the quicker one is done, the better. There is a physiological benefit of eating more slowly, too: your body senses that food has reached the stomach and shuts off the feeling of hunger before you overeat.

Hazan also notes that portion sizes in Italy are much smaller than they are in the U.S.

10 great places to cut carbs

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ola.jpgIt’s no surprise to readers of CarbWire that numerous restaurants across the U.S. now offer low-carb menu items. Catherine LaCroix, editor of Low Carb Living magazine, has provided USA Today with a list of her favorite eating establishments that cater to carb-counting dieters. Her top 10 picks are:

* OLA (New York)
* Chili’s (nationwide)
* Ruth’s Chris Steak House (nationwide)
* Ruby Tuesday (nationwide)
* T.G.I. Friday’s (nationwide)
* The Rattlesnake Club (Detroit)
* Denny’s (nationwide)
* Red Lobster (nationwide)
* Semolina (New Orleans)
* P.F. Chang’s China Bistro (nationwide)

Blue Bunny White Chocolate Almond

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Blue Bunny today announced Sweet Freedom White Chocolate Almond Lites. The product is not being marketed as low-carb, but by our calculations it qualifies for some dieters (those that are not in the early stage of a diet). Each bar has 4 net carbs and 100 calories. They are made with Splenda and are available now.

bq. The heavenly trio of ultra-creamy light vanilla ice cream on the inside and dreamy, white-chocolate confection and diced almonds on the outside is pure paradise.

Low-carb grilled cheese contest

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DuPont (makers of Teflon) is running a contest to find the best grilled cheese sandwich. The grand prize winner nabs $10,000 in cash and a vacation. The first 500 entrants will receive a Classic American Sandwich Maker coated with Teflon.

There are 6 categories for entry, one being low-carb. If you win this category you get a American Club Kohler Spa Getaway. If you win the whole thing, you get a trip to Sonoma, California.

Full directions are available here.

Atkins intros new low-carb products

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atkins-cheesecake.jpgAtkins has recently rolled out a slew of new low-carb products, including:

Morning Start Muffins (3g net carbs; $4.49) – Ready-to-eat muffins with Banana Nut or Blueberry flavor.

Triple Berry Morning Start Cereal (3g; $5.99) – Filled with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Bakery Tortilla Wraps (5g; $11.99) – Great for making sandwich wraps, quesadillas, huevos rancheros and more.

Cheesecake (4g; $15.99) – Rich and creamy cheesecakes now available in Key Lime and Chocolate Swirl.

Atkins Endulge Candy Bits (2g; $18.99) – Plain or Peanut Chocolate Candy Bits covered with a thin candy shell.

Cheesecake Sampler (4g; $17.99) – Soft and moist ready-made sampler features two servings of five flavors.


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