Tony Roma’s intros zero carb BBQ sauce

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tonyroma.jpgJust days after one of the largest BBQ weekends in America, Tony Roma’s, best know for their spectacular ribs, is introducing a zero net carb BBQ sauce. The company claims it is the first such sauce.

Tony Roma’s “Nada Lotta Carbs” promotion–which begins today and runs through July–features many of the restaurant’s signature items basted with the new zero net carb BBQ sauce and served with a side of steamed broccoli and a low-carb house salad:

* Tony’s Slender Slab – 10g of net carbs
* Slim Chickens Salad – 11g
* Big Beef Bunless Burger – 13g
* Nada Carb Salmon – 9g
* Healthy Half BBQ Chicken – 9g

It is not clear if the sauce will be sold in the company store, but it seems likely .

June is Low-Carb Awareness Month

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In an effort to clear up the misconceptions related to low-carb living, has taken it upon itself to designate June as Low-Carb Awareness Month. According to the website, Low-Carb Awareness Month is “intended to increase the overall knowledge on the subject among consumers throughout the U.S., so they can make informed choices when selecting a nutrition program, grocery food products, and restaurant menu items.”

Columnist criticizes man suing Atkins

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Howard Goodman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has written an editorial criticizing Jody Gorra, the Florida businessman who is suing the estate of Dr. Robert C. Atkins and Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. over his high cholesterol. Goodman has also dug up some dirt on the organization backing him.

bq. Gorran has told interviewers that he started the diet in 2001 because he’d gone from his usual 140 pounds to a whopping 148. He says he carefully read the 1999 book, Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, and adhered to its advice even when his cholesterol shot up in two months from a nice, safe 146 to a dangerous 230. Did he stop? Did he see a doctor? No, the suit says, he just read the book’s reassurances, nodded his head and stuck with the diet. He kept at it for 2 1/2 years, until chest pains sent him to the doctor.

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Low-carb thirst quenchers

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In her latest “Low-Carb for Life” column, Dana Carpender provides some smart choices for low-carb rehydration: water, diet soda, sparkling water, Crystal Light, and herbal tea.

“Long before I went low-carb, I established a rule that continues to serve me well: Nothing that I drink to quench my thirst has calories,” Carpender writes. “This meant that I didn’t drink anything with carbs in it, either–so even when I was loading up on other carbs, I was spared the sugar in soda and juice. I shudder to think how much bigger I would have become had I been drinking carbs as well as eating them.”

‘Spud-u-lite’ low-carb potatoes coming

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A Dutch seed company claims to have developed a low-carb potato that contains a third less carbs than normal spuds and has an “exceptional” flavor. The new variety has yet to be formally named but has already been called the “spud-u-lite” by its inventors.

bq. The new breed is believed to have reduced carbohydrate levels because it has a lower density of flesh and matures over a shorter time. It was developed as a result of cross-breeding, but its low-carb properties were discovered by chance by researchers at the HZPC seed firm. A co-operative of potato growers in Florida is planning to mass-produce the variety for the American market.

Low-carb BBQ

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swordfish.jpgSince it’s a holiday weekend in the U.S., millions of people are planning to have cookouts. Lucky for us, cookouts can be low-carb (think about all the meat).

Here’s some low-carb recipes that rank high on our list for perfect Summer meals outside by the grill:

* Grilled Shrimp & Chicken – Low Carb Luxury
* BBQ Pulled Pork – Atkins
* Low-carb Margarita – Baja Bob’s
* Grilled Swordfish Kabobs – Low Carb Energy (Sorry, you’ll have to find the magazine at your local store–it’s not online).
* Heroin Chicken Wings – 500 Low-Carb Recipes book
* Cilantro Grilled Chicken Breast – Low Carb and Lovin It

Low-carb industry expects shakeout

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Now that major food manufacturers such as Unilever, General Mills and Sara Lee are producing low-carb offerings, those in the industry expect they will drive out smaller food brands that were there in the beginning of the low-carb movement. Low-carb experts are also looking for the demise of smaller specialty stores thanks to major food retailers stocking their shelves with more low-carb products than ever.

“Over the next six months, there will be a significant amount of fallout,” said Matthew Wiant, chief marketing officer of Atkins Nutritionals. “Retailers would take anything you would give them six months ago. There was a shortage of product to meet the demand.” Now, corporate buyers can be more picky. “The retailers we are talking to are starting to say, ‘We are not going to take everything from everybody,’” he said. Wiant predicted that, of at least 2,000 products now, “I bet 500 won’t be on the shelf by the end of the year.”

Low-carb all the rage in Europe

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An estimated three million people have adopted the low-carb lifestyle in the UK — and according to a new report, 95 percent of Europe’s food makers believe they can no longer ignore the popular diets. A quarter of the companies polled in the Reuters Business Insight survey said they had already manufactured a low-carb product, and two thirds said they saw the expansion of the low-carb sector as an opportunity.

Low-carb ice cream sandwiches announced

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Silhouette Brands today announced its new Skinny Carb low-carbohydrate ice cream sandwiches (7g of net carbs), which the company says have 70% fewer digestible grams of carbs than other ice cream sandwiches. The product, sold in a 4-pack, comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors. Skinny Carb ice cream sandwiches will be available nationwide by June. Silhouette’s current low-carb product line includes Skinny Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars and Skinny Carb Vanilla Caramel Pecan Bars.

Atkins responds to dieter lawsuit

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Atkins Nutritionals has responded to the cholesterol claims and lawsuit brought on by Jody Gorran and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM):

bq. Atkins generally doesn’t comment on litigation. But in this case, we must pose some questions before this story gets out of hand. Even today’s New York Times article raises the possibility that, as the science certainly would suggest, this case has no merit. Further, PCRM and the complainant suggest that the lawsuit is just for publicity. We should not let the real issue, providing people with a scientifically validated nutritional choice in the face of a worldwide obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemic, be manipulated by this extremist animal rights vegan group.

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Low-carb dieter sues Atkins over high cholesterol

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The New York Times is reporting that a 53-year-old Florida man sued the estate of Dr. Robert C. Atkins and Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. on Wednesday. In the suit, which appears to be the first to involve the popular low-carb diet, the man claims that following the Atkins lifestyle for two years raised his cholesterol so much (from 146 to 230) that his arteries became clogged and required a medical procedure to clear them.

bq. The plaintiff, Jody Gorran, who is being assisted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an advocacy group that supports a vegan diet, is seeking $28,000 in damages. Mr. Gorran said he was using the suit to tell other people about the dangers of the diet and to have its promoters include warnings in books, other products and websites.

In responding to a request for comment, a representative for Atkins Nutritionals and the estate of Dr. Atkins said they stood by “the science that has repeatedly reaffirmed the safety and health benefits of Atkins.”

Centrum intros Carb Assist multivitamin for low-carb

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carbassit.jpgCentrum has announced Carb Assist, a new multivitamin dedicated to low-carb dieters. As we have mentioned before, taking a multivitamin is an important part of any low-carb diet. What’s special about Carb Assist?

bq. Centrum Carb Assist is a complete multivitamin/mineral to help supplement a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Thus it is formulated with high levels of the B vitamins — niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12 — as well as the antioxidants selenium, manganese, and vitamins C and E.

Centrum Carb Assist is available now.

Coke C2 commercial

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CarbWire has obtained a copy of the new Coke C2 commercial featuring music by the Rolling Stones. We mentioned the ad — which aired for the first time last night during American Idol — earlier this week when it was announced. To view the 30-second spot, download this file to disk (right-click, and select download target to disk). The ad was taken down at the request of Berlin Cameron & Partners, producers of the ad.

Coke executives believe that C2 has the power to take market share from regular coke.

Low-carb chili recipe

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After spotting this tasty low-carb chili recipe, we just had to share. It can be made with or without tomatos, but the carb count goes up if you use tomatos.

* 2 cloves garlic, minced
* 1 cup onion, chopped
* 3 Tablespoons olive oil
* 2 lb lean beef, chopped
* 4 cups canned tomatoes, undrained OR 4 cups beef stock or broth
* 2 teaspoons salt (omit if using salted stock/broth)
* 2 bay leafs
* 1 teaspoon oregano
* 1/4 teaspoon crushed cumin
* 2-3 Tablespoons chili powder (or to taste)
* 2 16-oz cans Eden Black soy beans, drained

Serves 12. There are 8.5 carbs per serving using tomatoes; 3.2 carbs per serving using broth. Because of the beans, this chili will be a good source of protein and fiber.

California begs dieters to eat fruit

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The California Tree Fruit Agreement, a group representing growers of peaches, plums and nectarines in California, is trying to convince dieters to give another look at fleshy fruits.

bq. “… fresh summer fruits are most certainly considered nutrient-rich foods. There are many things inside fresh fruits and vegetables that make them highly beneficial. They provide an array of vitamins, potassium and dietary fiber in addition to important phytonutrients that are thought to protect against cancer, heart disease and other diseases associated with aging.”

The group set up a website to further its goal: A recipe section is included.

Atkins debuts controlled-carb frozen pizza

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Atkins Nutritionals today announced a new line of controlled-carb frozen pizzas. Atkins Quick Quisine single-serving pizzas have 11g of net carbs, contain more fiber and protein than traditional counterparts, and have no hydrogenated oil, according to Atkins.

They are available in three varieties — Supreme, Smokehouse and Pepperoni — and will be distributed nationwide by Sara Lee Foods. The Supreme pizza is topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, green and red peppers and onions. The Smokehouse variety is topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage and bacon. Pricing was not available.

Nestle to launch low-carb KitKat, Rolo in UK

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Coca-Cola exec sees C2 cannibalizing Coke, more

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Coca-Cola North American President Donald Knauss says the new mid-carb C2 soda will cash in on the low-carb craze, but at the cost of regular Coke, water and other non-carbonated drinks. “We do see some cannibalization,” Knauss told CNBC today.

Knauss thinks Diet Coke’s sales are less likely to suffer from C2, which contains 12 grams of carbs, compared to regular Coke’s 27 and Diet Coke’s 0. “We don’t think Diet Coke users are going to give up their 0 carbs and 0 calories for something that comes back into the middle,” he said. “There are a number people, and our research shows it’s over 100 million people in this country alone, who don’t want to compromise on taste, but do want to cut carbs and calories.”

Kid food makers go lean

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Due to childhood-obesity fears, food makers are looking to slim down products aimed at kids. One example is the casual dining chain Ruby Tuesday introducing grilled chicken on its kids menu, in lieu of only fried chicken. Ruby Tuesday has been bitten by the health bug it seems, in March it started putting nutritional information on its menus–for all items.

Another example is General Mills who will next month introduce reduced-sugar versions of the popular kids’ cereals Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Puffs. Kellogg already made a similar move with Frosted Flakes.

Low-carb diets trim Krispy Kreme profits

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Krispy Kreme today reported its first quarterly loss since going public four years ago after warning earlier this month that low-carb diets were hurting its sales. The doughnut maker said it lost $24.4 million, or 38 cents a share, for its first fiscal quarter ended May 2, compared to a profit of $13.1 million, or 22 cents a share, a year ago. Krispy Kreme also said that it will cut the number of planned new stores by 17 percent.


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