South Beach Diet takes 3 of top 5 on charts

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Dr. Arthur Agatston’s South Beach Diet book series has a hold on three of the top give slots on this week’s best seller list. Here is the list, from USA Today:

# “Plan of Attack”:
# “The South Beach Diet”:
# “The South Beach Diet Cookbook”:
# “The South Beach Diet Good Fats Good Carbs Guide”:
# “Angels & Demons”:

Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution comes in at #61.

General mills goes low-carb

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General Mills today announced a host of new low-carb products. Here’s the list:

* Betty Crocker Carb Monitor Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes – 16 grams of net carbs
* Betty Crocker Carb Monitor baking mixes – 35 to 45 percent lower in net carbs, and 50 percent lower in sugar than regular Betty Crocker baking mixes. Offered in Chocolate Chunk brownie mix, Walnut brownie mix, Wild Blueberry muffin mix, and Chocolate Chip cookie mix.
* Hamburger Helper Carb Monitor Cheeseburger Macaroni – 30 percent fewer net carbs per serving than regular Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni, the line’s most popular flavor for five years running.
* Momentum Bars – Each bar contains three grams of net carbs, provides 15 essential vitamins and minerals, and is an excellent source of calcium. The bars contain Splenda and will be offered in three flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate and Chocolate Caramel Nut. Look for them in June.
* Pillsbury Carb Monitor Frozen Dinner Rolls – According to the company, it’s the first reduced-carb dinner roll. Seven grams of net carbs, and four grams of fiber per roll.
* Progresso Carb Monitor Soups With five to seven grams of net carbs per serving, the line features Chicken Vegetable, Beef Vegetable, Tuscan-Style Meatball, Chicken Cheese Enchilada Style, and Roasted Turkey Vegetable soups.

We have already mentioned two of the other products announced today–Total Protein and Yoplait Yogurt

Don Pablos intros low-carb items

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Popular Mexican restaurant chain Don Pablos today introduced a new menu. Included is a sizzling Low-Carb Fajita Salad: a garden salad crowned with a choice
of mesquite-grilled Black Angus sirloin, smoked chicken breast or Mahi Mahi
served with fire-roasted squash, zucchini, mushrooms and asparagus.

Yoplait low-carb yogurt coming next month

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yoplait-ultra.jpgYoplait has introduced new Yoplait Ultra yogurt with 8 grams of carbs per cup. The product offers “a creamy, fruity option with the great taste people expect from Yoplait, but with 70 percent less carbs and sugar than regular low fat yogurt,” according to the company. Available nationwide in early May, Yoplait Ultra will come in four 6-ounce individual cup varieties: Strawberry Cr

Ruby Tuesday adds low-carb items

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Due to the success of its Smart Eating line, Ruby Tuesday has announced an expansion. There are now about 40 Smart Eating options, up from the original 30. Two new low-carb entrees have been added: Peppercorn Chilean Salmon and Pepper Jack Burger Wrap. Besides new items, nutritional information is now included directly on the menu.

Hops Grillhouse & Brewery going low-carb

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Popular casual resaurant and brewery Hops announced today that it will begin to serve Love Handles, a low-carb ale. Love Handles is microbrewed on-site and contains just 2 grams of carbs. You can get a glass starting today for $1.99.

KFC to intro new menu

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Kentucky Fried Chicken today announced that it will revise its menu to include more health conscience items, such as reduced carbohydrate options. The Oven Roasted products are lower in carbs due to the lack of a breading. Look for the new items starting May 10.

Arby’s offers Low Carbys Wraps

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arbys.jpgSelect Arby’s are now offering Market Fresh Low Carbys Wraps, which are served on a low-carb wheat tortilla. The new wraps come in Roast Turkey, Ranch &

Controlled Carb Gourmet intros zero-carb bread line

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Controlled Carb Gourmet (CCG) today announced what it calls the world’s first and only zero-carb bread products. Included in the company’s new line will be breads, bagels, pizza crusts, rolls, hamburger buns, and hotdog buns.

bq. The results of laboratory tests showing zero-impact carbs, conducted by Certified Laboratories, a well respected and reputable laboratory will be advertised. Presently, CCG is awaiting results from Medallion Laboratory to confirm the results of their other tests.

Hadass Keynan, president of CCG, estimates the new bread products will be available within the next couple of weeks.

American Carbohydrate Association launches

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Winslow Murdoch, MD and Myron Yanoff, MD, today launched The American Carbohydrate Association with its mission to provide unbiased information on the role of carbs in nutrition. The organization offers corporate and individual members: information, resources and market intelligence needed to enhance their performance and ensure success with carb-conscious corporate marketing and individual diet plans. Membership details are available from the ACA website.

Wendy’s serves up ‘Meals for Carb Counters’

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wendys.jpgWendy’s has announced new combo meals for dieters watching their carb intake. As part of a test beginning today, customers at 248 Wendy’s restaurants in six U.S. markets (Virginia Beach, VA; Salt Lake City; Kansas City; St. Joseph, MO; Tulsa and Wichita) will be able to order new “Meals for Carb Counters.”

These low-carb meals feature either a cheeseburger or grilled chicken breast on a bed of Romaine lettuce, topped with slices of tomato and red onion; a Caesar side salad; and a medium Diet Coke.

The entire cheeseburger meal has six grams of carbs, while the grilled chicken meal has eight. Recommended pricing for these new options will be the same as Wendy’s regular combo meals. A second 1/4 pound beef patty can be added for 89 cents or an additional chicken breast for $1.99.

Birds Eye Foods to introduce low-carb frozen food

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Birds Eye Foods is expected to announce reduced carbohydrate versions of its Birds Eye Voila! line. This would make the new products the some of the first complete meal low-carb frozen foods.

The new line includes:

* Down Home Chicken & Vegetables
* Roasted Garlic Chicken & Vegetables
* Chicken & Sausage Tuscano
* Chicken Teriyaki & Vegetables

Each has 17 grams of carbs or less per serving.

Coors shipping Aspen Edge nationwide

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Coors’ Aspen Edge low-carb lager will be available nationwide starting May 3rd. It was available in select states since early March. Starting May 3rd, look for it everywhere in chains including 7-11, Albertson’s, Circle K, Kroger, Safeway, Wal-Mart. Aspen Edge is the first attempt at a low-carb beverage by Coors.

Aspen Edge has 2.6 grams of carbs and 94 calories and is available in 6- and 12-pack bottles.

Low-carb sushi is the real deal

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If you thought low-carb sushi (think rice) sounds far-fetched, think again–black rice cuts the carbs and raises the nutrients.

bq. Black rice has about 60 percent fewer carbohydrates and is higher in fiber and iron than white rice, which has been stripped of its nutrients except for some “minimal B vitamins,” says registered dietitian Lisa Dorfman, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

Expect to pay a little more for black rice in your sushi, and prepare for a, “slightly nutty, sweet flavor and a chewier texture.”

Atkins dieters booted from buffet for eating too much

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A couple on the Atkins Diet were kicked out of a suburban Salt Lake City restaurant because they were eating too much meat from the buffet.

bq. Isabelle Leota and Sui Amaama say they were asked not to eat any more roast beef. When they asked for their money back, the manager asked them to leave and called police. According to the police report, Amaama had 12 slices of roast beef and his wife had six slices.

Ditching sodas cuts childhood obesity

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A new study confirms that soda is a major contributer to childhood obesity. Researchers found that school children who were served more soda at lunch showed a greater risk for obesity than children who were served less. Soda’s are typically high in sugar and thus high in carbohydrates.

Coke’s new C2 and Pepsi Edge hope to solve this problem without compromising taste, something diet products don’t typically do.

Ruby Tuesday adds Baja Bob’s low-carb margaritas

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Baja Bob’s Low-Carb Bar Mixes announced today that their popular low-carb margarita mixes are now available at Ruby Tuesday restaurants. The drinks will join Ruby Tuesday’s “Smart Eating” menu, which was one of the first low-carb, low-calorie menus in a chain restaurant.

A Baja Bob’s low-carb margarita contains approximately 60-percent fewer calories than a traditional margarita and has only one gram of carbs–even with the tequila. This compares to the 20 to 30 grams of carbs in traditional corn syrup mixes.

You can view a recipe featuring Baja Bob’s mix in our recipe section.

Anheuser-Busch: South Beach Diet contains errors

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Anheuser-Busch is claiming that the beer information found in Dr. Arthur Agatston’s South Beach Diet is based on errors. The best-selling diet book slams beer and bans drinking it, saying it is high in maltose, a form of sugar. But the beer maker says that is simply not true because there is no maltose in beer. Maltose, from barley malt, is found in beer only in its early brewing stages and is eliminated when yeast converts it to alcohol and carbonation, according to Anheuser-Busch and its quoted health professionals.

In his book, Agatston advises dieters to “avoid white wine, spirits, or, worst of all, beer”; calls maltose in beer “even worse than table sugar”; calls maltose “the king of all sugars” that leads to a “beer belly”; and says “guzzling this beverage” encourages “storage of fat around the midsection.”

America’s top 10 low-carb cities ranked

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Where is the best place to live if you are a low-carb dieter? According to a new list compiled by LowCarbiz Magazine, a business-to-business publication focused on the low-carb industry, the metropolitan areas of Dallas/Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle are where you want to be.

The magazine said it studied every major U.S. market, seeking the best examples of areas that offer easy access to an abundance of low-carb products, restaurants with low-carb menu items, health practitioners supportive of the diets and a local culture generally conducive to exercise and health.

Low-carb diets boost egg sales

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eggs.jpgThe egg industry is doing better than ever thanks to the large number of low-carb dieters. At the same time, the diets have put the nation’s potato farmers — as well as orange growers, bakers and pasta makers — on the defensive.

“We’re all for it — most definitely,” said egg farmer Paul Bahan. “Business for egg ranchers is very, very good.”


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